Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Mistress is moody

i made pan-fried salmon using a new recipe and gratineed cauliflower and W/we ate on the balcony. The meal turned out excellent, but i and Mats made my Wife angry by criticizing the new shed building which was Her and Her construction guy's project. She later told me that we never thought up anything by ourselves, but were always ready to criticize Her ideas. This had made Her to start crying when in private after fighting the tears while eating with us. This caused Her to not to talk to anyone. i continued my chores, collecting apples, but sadly. In the evening i asked if She wants me to sleep in the spare bedroom. She didn't want that.

Next morning i continued with making breakfast, and gradually things turned back to normal, as i was allowed to join Her to a museum round in Oslo. At a cafe table W/we talked through the problem She has with our lack of initiative and negativeness. Later at home i was warming up sauna, cooking dinner and helping Her by bringing Her stuff as She prepared the shed floor Herself.

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