Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Plucking ear hair

On Sunday i was still very attentive to Mistress. W/we visited Her mam. i suggested a slave could be ordered to take a nap after lunch because the efficiency goes down anyway, and the day could be longer from both ends.

During the week i managed to keep the family provided with food and bake a few apple pies. Mistress had to make food a couple of times, since i had a couple of meetings in the evenings, and She wasn't happy about that. Once Mistress ordered me to massage and grease Her feet as She was in bed. Generally She took the authority, and bossed me around. i was required to report after each task and ask for more assignments.

On Saturday i had to be working, but after that She made me chop firewood, shop for groceries (Lina's sleepover birthday party was beginning), make apple pie again.

On Sunday i had finally a 'free' day which i started by making porridge for 7 - U/us and guests. Work with washed clothes, Mistress wakes up, decides i will have a sports and news free day. She only selects 3 articles from the cultural section, which i may read when i have time. First i had to clean up the kitchen and the sink trap which i was growing more and more familiar with.

Mistress used me to proofread some instructions She made at work, and prepare some other paperwork and foreign emails She is not very familiar with. Then it was time for me to start making lunch for U/us, sleepover guests and new guests of Mistress's who were arriving soon. i made a lot of creamy tomato pasta chicken soup which She ordered, and i baked bread as well.

As the guests had arrived, i helped a lot with the serving, preparing and serving tea and coffee, serving them, and then cleaning up. After the guests left She arranged me a supervised aerobics lesson. She really made me put effort into it, it was strenuous and tiring, mostly done with a stick, stretching myself sooo far. After that i had to warm up the sauna. It warms with firewood so i had to go out to the rain and get some. In the evening W/we watched some TV as we often do. Mistress doesn't hesitate to order me around even though kids are present:

- 'Get Me a glass of red wine, get Me more thread (She's weaving), get Me my woolen socks (She's had cold feet lately)'.

Later as W/we went to bed, Mistress ordered me to get tweezers and grease. She sat on the bed and made me put my head in Her lap. Then She proceeded to pluck all my ear hair - the hair inside my ear - off with the tweezers. It was quite painful. When She was ready She greased my ear with Her finger. i have very sensitive ears, and Her finger fucking and lubing my ear feels like a total penetration.

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