Thursday, 9 August 2012

Sex by night

Mistress was already in bed when i went to bed. She wasn't sleeping and put a hand on top of mine. Last days had not been elite, there had been a quarrel, and i apologized now as nicely as i could, and i was happy to note She accepted. 

She started fondling my buttocks that were left uncovered by my thong. Then She ordered me to remove my blanket and lay on my back. She settled lying on top of me and did Her usual sucking trick on my right ear, making my toes curl. Still i offered Her my left ear, but She sought my mouth and kissed me, grinding to me, and i returned the favor. 

She asked what would be the best way to excite me and i suggested licking Her sex. She accepted the suggestion, and i assumed position lying between Her legs as She lay on the bed. i started flicking my tongue over Her clit. 

Eventually i was pounding my face into Her pussy so that my nose was hammering Her clit area. It was a new game and fun for both of us. She raised Herself on all fours, and guided me in without a condom. Oh, how good it felt! i had had the unsupervised near-orgasm just 3 days ago, and i managed to fuck Her without getting on the edge until She climaxed. She sent me to wash up my hardon and go to bed.

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  1. As one Slave to another may i respectfully suggest to your Mistress the you stop biting. It is a very dangerous habit. The leading cause of gangrene in hands is someone punching another in the mouth and teeth. The teeth have the highest amount of bacteria in the human body. you do have a wonderful commanding mistress and seem to be a happy slave.