Sunday, 5 August 2012

Sissy masturbation in practise

After this memorable night our worklife took its toll, and there very little to mention about the next week. Of course i continued cooking, and did other chores Mistress occationally ordered like picking berries, mowing the lawn etc.

The long silent phase lasted past the 2nd anniversary of our D/S relationship. She didn't want sex either, until one night, after being angry to me, She started feeling me up while i was already sleeping, at 1am. Immediately i turned to Her, started kissing Her thighs and buttocks And licking Her clit. After a good while of licking and Her moaning i started fucking Her with my panties on. i even managed to enter Her a little. Finally She asked why i am not taking my briefs off. i fumbled something like "i am your kind boy". She tried to remove them, but asked me to take them off now. i did happily and penetrated Her without a condom for as long as She allowed. At Her command i withdrew, fetched a condom and put it on. Now i started to fuck Her from behind and in no time She came, leaving me with a stiff rubberized erection.

i got my chance to play with my dicklet after sauna on Sunday. i may go to sauna without the cb, and i was allowed to stay where longer than the others this time. i decided to try again "sissy clit backwards" -position. i got on all fours my ass facing a bench and backed against the bench, pushing my penis back and on the bench. I was so excited i decided to try if i could edge myself by only whacking my penis (the underside that was now upperside) with my fingers. No stroking, just tapping. i went on, not violently but with hard taps anyway. Eventually i felt myself nearing the edge, and i sped up the frequency, tapping my sissy clit in a furious rhythm. i knew i was nearing the edge and i stopped the tapping. Then i felt some ejaculation, it didn't feel much, but it was long. As i turned around, i noticed a too big pool on the bench. The contact between the bench and the clit had been enough to provide me with a bigger release than ruined orgasm, but no real orgastic feelings. i was disappointed, the release was more fun than i deserve. i sipped most of the cum with my fingers and licked it.

It has been nice to notice how sissy masturbation by tapping which was introduced in my text, has spread wide. Master Chineron has even published a photo shoot of  a variation where dominant partner is the one to do the tapping, here

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