Monday, 24 September 2012

Piercing already in chastity use

i woke up before my vibrator alarm. i had found a small lock for my foreskin piercing. After epilating i put on the cb-2k over my piercing, and then circled the foreskin ring and the cb-2k 'B-ring' with the lock. i was truly locked now, no pull-out possibility. Besides i wore the medium points of intrigue, like always. Now i could start using a larger A-ring as pull-out is o longer an option.

i took new pictures of my piercing-locked penis and then i uploaded them in Fetlife. Then i had to start preparing breakfast and laying the table. As Mistress woke and sat at the table, i thought it was laid well but She made me fetch cinnamon for Her as it was missing . i handed it to Her with a curtsey as W/we were alone. Then She mistook salt for sugar, and put too much salt in Her rice porridge. i offered to eat it and W/we exchanged plates.

Mistress decided W/we lift the boat from water today, so that's where i spent next hours. i suck at men's work like that. i even suggested to Madam She should do that in the future with a man, or even with another woman it would be easier than with me. She lead the whole operation, i was a helping hand.

Back at home i was in my own territory, as i prepared lunch, chicken in mustard sauce and red rice. It is essential a slave's duty is not mistaken for only cooking - when W/we eat, i also lay the table, fill Mistress's glass with water, and clear the table, put everything in dishwasher, clean up the whole kitchen after my cooking, including the sink trap. Then i run the dishwasher and empty it. Without having to be asked to. It is all part of making Mistress happy.

It's funny how i now get my biggest erections not from net porn, which i may browse in my very limited free time, but from those Mistress's orders that emphasize Her status. Like when after a tedious lunch and cleanup She makes me run errands, make Her tea, bake U/us an applepie.

The new piercing sometimes causes misconfort. First pee with the piercing lock ended up with most pee wetting the lock. When penis tries to erect inside the cage, some pinching may occur. When Mistress decided we'll go to the gym, and once at the gym the ring in the piercing pinched against something and i had to go to the toilet to draw on my foreskin through the bars of cb-2k. After that i could exercise in my chastity piercing quite normally.

After gym i was exhausted. i was allowed a break and i slept almost immediately on the couch for 30 minutes. Then work continued: Indian shrimp curry, rice and more chicken fillets for dinner. Kids eat so much nowadays. At the same time warming up the sauna. Third time today i laid the table nicely. In the sauna i hid my penis ring from kids' view with a paper i read. As it heals, i will be removing it for sauna/swim. No sauna beer any more for me once a week, only diet coke.

After sauna W/we ate, i forgot to eat old leftovers myself, that was a pity. After cleaning the kitchen up the umpteenth time today and spooling the dishes, i reported and thought to get freetime, but no, still i had to fold laundry, iron Her skirt and still make a beetroot cassarole as per Her request. Others were watching TV while i worked. i got only half an hour net time and missed my favorite TV shows.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Foreskin piercing's healing well

Next day (Saturday) started with the new alarm clock. The vibrating is quite strong, so Mistress woke up a little, but (he said later it is much better than using my phone as alarm. i fixed my Fetlife-profile after epilating and made breakfast. Mistress was organising training for Her workers today, and She provided me a long list of chores to do: emptying boat, putting garden furniture in the shed, blowing leaves away, collecting and moving them, mowing the lawn, going to town to shop for certain listed items, taking care of laundry etc. i started doing the chores right away, before She left. At 10am arrived Her carpenter bringing the last boards, as i was blowing leaves away from the front yard. He parked his car there, so i had to stop that and go emptying the boat while Mistress and carpenter discussed their project.

The fresh piercing inside my cb-2k was healing well, there was practically no pain. Skin getting stuck between the parts of the cb is much bigger pain than any related to the foreskin piercing. So i could even run without trouble, all yard work was possible right away.

After i got back from town, and had completed the town chore list, i was to make lunch for myself and the kids. After that i took a break and worked on my Fetlife profile.

As i was mowing the lawn Mistress returned. i still mowed nearly an hour, and walked in exhausted . Mistress gave me time to rest before made me vacuum Her study.

In the evening She ordered me to drink some wine with Her. It went soon to my head, as i had been weeks without any liquor. i thought She was going to seduce me, but no such luck. i was allowed to bed before others.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

i got my foreskin piercing

Today i finally got my first piercing, a 12 gauge captive bead ring, diameter 19mm, in my foreskin, middle in the top side, horizontally near the end so that the ring rests beautifully on and around my penis head. After getting Mistress's approval a few days ago i called a piercing studio in Oslo beforehand, whether they do foreskins (found it on the net saying “genital piercings”). He said i can come whenever i like, but many make an appointment after hours as only a curtain separates the waiting room and the chair. He said it is however normally quite peaceful, so i decided i go without appointment.

i took keys to cb-2000 with me, but left it on, as i intended showing it to the piercer to ask his opinion on the jewelry that could not be opened easily if the ring is in the cock cage.

As i entered the studio i was happy to notice i was the only customer. But as i had just had time to mention the piercing's going to be for a chastity belt, a group of noise teenage girls entered. After that they heard everything: as i asked about the gauge, the diameter of the ring etc. From many of the comments they heard i'm going to have a genital piercing on loose skin. However i couldn't ask about my cb because of their presence.

We settled on 12 gauge, which he suggested, and i had thought about exactly the same.

Finally it was time to open my pants and sit on the piercing chair. He said i can scream, swear or yell if i like, but the pain will be short-lived. i pulled mysissy clit out of the pink cb-2000 (well that's the reason for being here, i could have said) and for the first time a man (a young slim piercer, his arms full of tattoos, shaved blonde head, tunnels in ears) started fingering my penis, disinfecting, marking with ink, changing gloves many times, taking hold of the skin with his tools, asking if i'm ready, saying that i should try not to move too much, and that i seem very peaceful. Then he said the lousy part comes now, and pushed the piercing needle through my penis skin. i had anticipated, say a piercing pain, but it was much, much less. Less than a vaccination. i didn't make a sound. The most painful part was pushing the jewelry into the piercing. i mentioned about that and he said they use a little thinner needle than the jewelry to make a tight fit that blocks the bleeding. When the ring was in place i still felt no pain. Magnificent, i was in a bliss. In the end of my penis was now hanging a rather impressive ring, i had done it and fought my fears.
my new foreskin piercing

In no pain i walked to a nearby store where i got the vibrating alarm clock so that Mistress does not have to get disturbed by my early rises any more. At least now, 30 hours later, the ring is painless and i can roll the ring around in the piercing without pain.

As i got home i had barely time to eat, and needed to go get Lina to her hobby, shop for groceries and have Mistress's car washed. She has not yet commented much on the ring. I think She doesn't like it much, because it was originally my wish not Hers.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Supervised countdown masturbation in a hood

Thursday came, again my meeting with an investor in Oslo was postponed, so was my piercing, which i was going to do in a studio which required no reservations. However i was happy as Thursday meant my weekly half an hour of fun with Mistress. To help Mistress i prepared one paper sheet with possible gear and things to do besides supervised masturbation. i worked on Her net pages until it was 8.30, and then She sent me up, and had me open O/our toy chest.

She ordered me to strip totally, take off the cb and put on my leather hood which has only nostril holes. It was fun being made to wear the all leather hood Mistress made by Herself many years ago. We were twentysomething then. But it was not so fun to put on ball weights, 2kg. My balls ached from the prolonged excitement without a release, and it was really painful to carry the 2kg weight with just my balls. My ball sac went long, the balls were down, and the strap (we don't own a parachute) was resting on the balls. i could walk to Mistress according to Her order, but only resting the weight partly on my knees, which i kept together, while feeling my way to Her with the hood on. It must have looked funny.

She said She had planned puppy play, but that it seems impossible with that weight. i was allowed to exchange it for O/our bulkiest butt plug, maybe half a kilo. Soon i knelt up straight before Her. She said i must move silently, as kids were watching cartoons exactly below us. 'Sit' - meaning squat with fingers on the floor but heels up. 'Lie down on your belly', 'Sit', 'Lie down face up', 'Sit', 'What does Beg look like?' i showed the position panting inside my hood. 'Lie down face up', 'On all fours', 'Sit'. Then She ordered me to do 20 push-up's on the bed in my darkness and ordered me to sample back exercises as well. She said in half an hour there's time to do nearly everything on the list. She wanted me to sample 'stay erect with mental power only'. i knelt up facing the bed hands cupped and concentrated on my erection. i said that this is a good way for Her to kill time during my fun half an hour. Another would be holding a coin against the wall with my nose for 10 minutes. It was easy to keep fully erect with the middle sized,A-ring of cb-2000 still on.

She kept me kneeling a long time with the order to concentrate to stay erect. my dark wait was finally disrupted by Her voice: move back. i backed until my feet met a cabinet. 'Now you may masturbate, i count down from 20 and at zero you may have a ruined orgasm. 20, 19,... ' i started masturbating. My organ was very big, hard and the veins could be felt on it even though i saw nothing. How right it felt. A boy with black hood, otherwise naked, pink cockring, totally shaven from the belly down, kneeling quietly for a long time before his Mistress, then on order starting masturbation. It must have been a pretty sight. It is not easy to masturbate without lube a overswollen penis. At 15 i understood i must do my best to make it in time. i started vigorous wanking, and Mistress helped maybe a little by slowing down the count, but nevertheless i didn't get to the edge before She reached zero. Game over, next try next week!

Monday, 10 September 2012

Being very service oriented

i wonder whether it was the supervised masturbation session after a long while, or just my biorhythms, but i was the next days a very service-oriented slave. i had to work late on Monday, but i ate the oldest scraps i could find in the fridge and fried new food for the family . When my service-level is high, i voluntarily use less food, drive in a colder car in the winter and warmer in the summer, shower with colder water, be stricter with my partly self-imposed “extra” rules like not sitting on the toilet seat but above it without support.

On Tuesday i got home on 8.30pm, but made new food for next day. On Wednesday i was about to go to foreskin piercing, but i had to change the plans. Instead i came home earlier, uploaded Mistress's new website and prepared fajitas ingredients ready for tomorrow evening. i have to make next evening's meal the day before, as i get always so late from work.

i joined Fetlife. So many interesting groups and discussions. It'a a pity you cannot google Fetlife, as the amount of info and fantasy cumulated there must be enormous.

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Japanese sissy video blog highlights

Here are some highlights from Japanese sissy blogs. 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Apparently very painful (thus gag?). continued: sissy is tied spread eagled on her back, and Master whips her belly which show cruel marks from clamps. sissy looks so pathetic lying naked & hooded. Master doesn't spare the rod and sissy doesn't have a say as she is still tied up, now on her belly. Master tries different implements, and sissy can only lie down or raise on his knees so that her balls show. sissy looks rather spent after this. Oh my, sissy has three nose hooks drawing in different directions. she looks degraded. On top of that she is made to crawl on her hands and feet outdoors naked. her balls show well. More degradation. Master pees in sissy's mouth as She kneels in a tub. Piss stream makes funny noises in sissy's mouth. He could play her mouth as an instument? While sissy's clit gets almost no attention on these videos, the same cannot be said about her ass which is definitively not virgin. 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Thursday, 6 September 2012

Finally completely epilated pubes

On Sunday i was a very motivated slave, waking up before 6.00, epilating the rest of my bush: finally i was totally hairless between my belly and upper thighs. i took pictures through the mirror. i made plans for the foreskin piercing and used the extra time for web surfing, my cb-2000 with medium PoI on of course, like always. i cooked porridge, but when Mistress came down, She was very tired. She had come to bed when i was already in sleep, at 12pm. She said i should not wake Her up with my alarm, especially at weekends. i have to look up a system for alarm that wakes up only me.

After the new turn in our D/s yesterday i have been very happy and service-oriented today. First She sent me do firewood, and as everything was chopped, i reported back, and got an assignment repairing Lina's bike and preparing rabbit shields for our plants towards winter. Mistress and Lina left for a cat expo, and i got a list of things to do: more shields, light for the bike, paying bills and preparing lunch from yesterday's leftovers.

i managed to do everything and sneaked into Fetlife, which was new to me, seems like that's the place to be, with my idols Mistress 160, Ms Rika actively present there. After They returned, and ate, and i cleared the table after them, i was sent to set up the rest of the plant shields, which took long. Then i needed to report back, and Mistress wanted me to simultaneously make an apple pie, set fire in the fireplace and warm up O/our wood-operated sauna. There are subtleties to good service to your Dom/me. For instance, i think i did a good job, as i organized my work, first setting up the fires, then putting together the dough and putting it in the oven, then attending to the fires while the pie cooked PLUS cleaning all debris that the firewood left on the floors, without Mistress having to ask me.

my own pic!
Still after the sauna and full water aerobics in fairly cold pool i prepared tomorrow's dinner, more chicken fillet.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Supervised masturbation - no cumming

On Saturday W/we had Wife's relatives on Lina's birthday visit. Mistress mentioned in the morning that i will get my first half-an-hour session already today, which motivated me throughout the day. Mother-in-law arrived already on Friday, and witnessed me bake a chocolate cake AND cookies on Friday evening, after a busy day at work, only to wake up early and make U/us coffee, tea and porridge... then start making a salad and later the main coarse of turkey fillet, fruity salsa and pasta. i continued to fry the turkey when other guests had arrived. i didn't have to lay the table, but after the meal i washed the plates before placing them in the dishwasher, made whipped cream to go with the cake and laid the table for coffee, which i made along with green tea for Mistress. After coffee i stuffed the dishwasher again, switched it on, and emptied it while discussing with my brother-in-law, who later gave us some advice on men's work, namedly plumbing.

As the time for O/our half-an-hour arrived, Mistress ordered me into bedroom. Kids were watching TV. She sat on the bed and pointed at the floor before Her. i knelt there, only to be commanded to take my pants away, and the cb. She opened the two lowest buttons on my shirt and tied it to a knot at my waist. She then commented on my bush, which was epilated as a triangle, which was situated far up midway between my bellybutton and penis. She said the hair there was too sparse, and the triangle not straight, and i may epilate that all away, and grow a new triangle nearer penis, where the hair is thicker. We talked a little, She said i could make Her an idea list of things to do during these 30 minute sessions. She corrects my posture as i slouch, demands me to kneel up, back straight as W/we talk.

i gave Her my watch, and She gave me permission to masturbate. If i would approach the edge, i would need to stop early enough, no cum showing. i started eagerly, with full speed. After maybe 30 seconds She ordered 'stop'. After similar interval She had me going again. Now i was reaching my Limits, and i slowed down significantly. She noticed it and ordered me to stop. i remained at full mast the whole time. She shortened the intervals, and it took less and less time for me to edge. She continued this some 12 minutes. Eventually i would edge in just 2 seconds after starting the masturbation again after a circa 10 second pause. If the pause was longer, it took maybe 5-6 seconds. Though i was near the edge all the time, i could masturbate at least slowly each time until the stop-command. i thought finally She would give me a chance for a ruined orgasm by a countdown, as She mentioned it while W/we were talking, but She didn't , and i just had to put my hard penis in my pants to soften there, and clean the floor from my precum.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Permission for a foreskin ring

Mistress is having Her period now, and is not intrested in sex. i just have to continue with the household chores next week without chances for release. A chaste week. Making meals, shopping for food.

Next week W/we have a cabin near Tromsö. W/we drive there by car, mainly me driving, 13 hours a day. In the cabin i make meals, and drive the family where they want to go.

First night W/we try to have sex, Mistress has asked me to buy condoms. She makes me lick Her intensively and bites my buttocks hard as a prize. But when it's time for sex, my hard-on becomes only semi-hard, and W/we'll have to call it a day. It's always so sad to face impotency, i have been so proud of not needing Viagra throughtout O/our a long marriage. Well, my Wife is still very attractive, that's the main reason for this, but i used to have erection problems before D/s.

The rest of the week goes by. Mistress surprises me by making me lick Her dirty plate clean, a lot of hot Mexican sauce!

After W/we get home W/we have a serious conversation. Mistress has been angry with my whining and insolence. i am bored with O/our D/s relation deteriorating. Mats and Lina are no more going to their hobbies together on Friday nights, which has caused W/we have very little time together with Mistress. i miss the sexual aspects of D/s and gifts from Her. After a lot of serious and sad talking She decides i can get a foreskin piercing, even though She doesn't like the mutilation of the genitals and is afraid She will not get sex for a month during the healing period. i will also get half an hour of weekly sexual D/s every Thursday at 8.30pm. i will have to make all meals and keep kitchen clean. i will also continue to wear the cb, in the future locked through my foreskin.

i have studied chastity piercings a lot, and found that it is simpler to take a regular foreskin piercing at the top end of my foreskin. i will wear a captive bead ring in it permanently. It hangs from the end of my foreskin, and after putting on the cb, i will put a small lock through the ring and the ring in the cb, finally preventing masturbation and pullout. Maybe i will put a rather large ring in it so that it can encircle my glans. If i could open the captive bead ring after all with pliers, W/we could instead purchase a a model that opens only with a special tool.