Monday, 10 September 2012

Being very service oriented

i wonder whether it was the supervised masturbation session after a long while, or just my biorhythms, but i was the next days a very service-oriented slave. i had to work late on Monday, but i ate the oldest scraps i could find in the fridge and fried new food for the family . When my service-level is high, i voluntarily use less food, drive in a colder car in the winter and warmer in the summer, shower with colder water, be stricter with my partly self-imposed “extra” rules like not sitting on the toilet seat but above it without support.

On Tuesday i got home on 8.30pm, but made new food for next day. On Wednesday i was about to go to foreskin piercing, but i had to change the plans. Instead i came home earlier, uploaded Mistress's new website and prepared fajitas ingredients ready for tomorrow evening. i have to make next evening's meal the day before, as i get always so late from work.

i joined Fetlife. So many interesting groups and discussions. It'a a pity you cannot google Fetlife, as the amount of info and fantasy cumulated there must be enormous.

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