Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Foreskin piercing's healing well

Next day (Saturday) started with the new alarm clock. The vibrating is quite strong, so Mistress woke up a little, but (he said later it is much better than using my phone as alarm. i fixed my Fetlife-profile after epilating and made breakfast. Mistress was organising training for Her workers today, and She provided me a long list of chores to do: emptying boat, putting garden furniture in the shed, blowing leaves away, collecting and moving them, mowing the lawn, going to town to shop for certain listed items, taking care of laundry etc. i started doing the chores right away, before She left. At 10am arrived Her carpenter bringing the last boards, as i was blowing leaves away from the front yard. He parked his car there, so i had to stop that and go emptying the boat while Mistress and carpenter discussed their project.

The fresh piercing inside my cb-2k was healing well, there was practically no pain. Skin getting stuck between the parts of the cb is much bigger pain than any related to the foreskin piercing. So i could even run without trouble, all yard work was possible right away.

After i got back from town, and had completed the town chore list, i was to make lunch for myself and the kids. After that i took a break and worked on my Fetlife profile.

As i was mowing the lawn Mistress returned. i still mowed nearly an hour, and walked in exhausted . Mistress gave me time to rest before made me vacuum Her study.

In the evening She ordered me to drink some wine with Her. It went soon to my head, as i had been weeks without any liquor. i thought She was going to seduce me, but no such luck. i was allowed to bed before others.

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