Sunday, 16 September 2012

i got my foreskin piercing

Today i finally got my first piercing, a 12 gauge captive bead ring, diameter 19mm, in my foreskin, middle in the top side, horizontally near the end so that the ring rests beautifully on and around my penis head. After getting Mistress's approval a few days ago i called a piercing studio in Oslo beforehand, whether they do foreskins (found it on the net saying “genital piercings”). He said i can come whenever i like, but many make an appointment after hours as only a curtain separates the waiting room and the chair. He said it is however normally quite peaceful, so i decided i go without appointment.

i took keys to cb-2000 with me, but left it on, as i intended showing it to the piercer to ask his opinion on the jewelry that could not be opened easily if the ring is in the cock cage.

As i entered the studio i was happy to notice i was the only customer. But as i had just had time to mention the piercing's going to be for a chastity belt, a group of noise teenage girls entered. After that they heard everything: as i asked about the gauge, the diameter of the ring etc. From many of the comments they heard i'm going to have a genital piercing on loose skin. However i couldn't ask about my cb because of their presence.

We settled on 12 gauge, which he suggested, and i had thought about exactly the same.

Finally it was time to open my pants and sit on the piercing chair. He said i can scream, swear or yell if i like, but the pain will be short-lived. i pulled mysissy clit out of the pink cb-2000 (well that's the reason for being here, i could have said) and for the first time a man (a young slim piercer, his arms full of tattoos, shaved blonde head, tunnels in ears) started fingering my penis, disinfecting, marking with ink, changing gloves many times, taking hold of the skin with his tools, asking if i'm ready, saying that i should try not to move too much, and that i seem very peaceful. Then he said the lousy part comes now, and pushed the piercing needle through my penis skin. i had anticipated, say a piercing pain, but it was much, much less. Less than a vaccination. i didn't make a sound. The most painful part was pushing the jewelry into the piercing. i mentioned about that and he said they use a little thinner needle than the jewelry to make a tight fit that blocks the bleeding. When the ring was in place i still felt no pain. Magnificent, i was in a bliss. In the end of my penis was now hanging a rather impressive ring, i had done it and fought my fears.
my new foreskin piercing

In no pain i walked to a nearby store where i got the vibrating alarm clock so that Mistress does not have to get disturbed by my early rises any more. At least now, 30 hours later, the ring is painless and i can roll the ring around in the piercing without pain.

As i got home i had barely time to eat, and needed to go get Lina to her hobby, shop for groceries and have Mistress's car washed. She has not yet commented much on the ring. I think She doesn't like it much, because it was originally my wish not Hers.


  1. i cannot imagine altering a toy owned by my Mistress. If i did, i would expect very harsh punishment. i would certainly be spanked, both ass and penis. i would likely find weights being hung from the ring. If Mistress was really mad, She might lock a leash to the ring. She would pull me around by the leash, and make me wear the leash while at work. Hiding the leash would be my problem.

    Completing ignoring me and my unwanted piercing for a couple of weeks before administering the above punishment might also be part of my Mistress's plan.

    Good luck to you. i hope your Mistress eventually enjoys playing with your piercing.

  2. Sorry, i provided a poor description of the events. Mistress of course gave me permission to take the piercing. i would also not imagine doing anything, let alone take a piercing without Her approval.

  3. i added a mention of Mistress's permission to this post.