Saturday, 8 September 2012

Japanese sissy video blog highlights

Here are some highlights from Japanese sissy blogs. These all have free sissy shemale videos. sissy Natsu gets his sissy ass red by her Master usimng a carpet beater, and gets her ass fucked with a butt plug, she has her ass up and hands in metal handcuffs - video and pics sissy natsu eats from a bowl on a road, naked with just a collar and leash. her balls show dangling between her legs as she reaches down to eat. continued in this one, finally ordered to raise herself into a squat, genitals showing; and raise hands like paws sissy lapping soda from a bowl outdoors, doing submissive gestures, and another video of her walking on a public (empty) road naked with a butt plug sissy is the target of Master's hot wax, then candles are lit to stand and burn at her strategic places continued: wax is removed from genitals and ass with crop and whip, sissy submits to this even though she is not tied sissy is tied, gagged and hooded, all clamps of a small airer have been fixed on sissys tits and belly and they are yanked off. Apparently very painful (thus gag?). continued: sissy is tied spread eagled on her back, and Master whips her belly which show cruel marks from clamps. sissy looks so pathetic lying naked & hooded. Master doesn't spare the rod and sissy doesn't have a say as she is still tied up, now on her belly. Master tries different implements, and sissy can only lie down or raise on his knees so that her balls show. sissy looks rather spent after this. Oh my, sissy has three nose hooks drawing in different directions. she looks degraded. On top of that she is made to crawl on her hands and feet outdoors naked. her balls show well. More degradation. Master pees in sissy's mouth as She kneels in a tub. Piss stream makes funny noises in sissy's mouth. He could play her mouth as an instument? While sissy's clit gets almost no attention on these videos, the same cannot be said about her ass which is definitively not virgin. Here she is all prettied up in a  frilly little dress and she shoves substantial butt plugs in Her ass and rides a monster dildo while collared, leashed and cuffs in her ankles and wrists. Maybe her Master prefers blow jobs... sissy is walked outdoors on a leash connected to her nosering. her nipple rings are visible as she is naked. Two very sexy videos about sissy sex. she is very vocal as Master fucks her with a Hitachi attachment as she's blindfolded an tied in her cute sailor suit. she can only curl her toes. Hitachi continued. sissy has been turned and her ass stuck high up in the air. If you ever wondered is sissy ever allowed to get off: well yes! Of course she cums in her panties, stimulated girlishly with Hitachi on her clit. Humiliation at its best. sissy is puss-in-boots, dressed in cat's ears, nose hook and two pairs of boots only, and taken on a walk on some road on a leash, her balls give away she's a happy tomcat. An example of a more typical video of sissy natsu.  she's tucked and taped so that she is passable even naked. Master makes her go naked, in boots to a vending machine to by Coke. Yes, there's nobody else to see her right then, but someone COULD appear. Master makes His slut go naked in the park wearing only stockings and shoes. she's again tucked and taped. Master has sent sissy shopping in a plaited miniskirt, and clearly ordered her to bend over so that passers-by see her panties. This time sissy gets interrupted while made to expose herself in the park. Pics show she also pleasured her Master. sissy is squatting on a (probably public) mountain road giving a blowjob  her Master. she must keep her hands behind her neck, and she wears her nose ring and nipple rings, boots and corset that leaves her breasts visible, and a lock-on collar. Mister fucks her head, and as He stops, she tries to get eye-contact with Him: 'Should i continue to suck, or what does Master want?'. What a submissive feminine sissy! Neat! continued: next She is walked on a leash on all fours. her titties show nicely. i must confess, this video made me lose control of my own sissy clit. It engorged inside Jailbird, and the sharp control stud hurt so much i had to leave my laptop and go about my morning chores a while. Master has chosen to degrade sissy by making her wear a hood, nose hook, leather waist cincher, stockings and a thong, and makes her give Him a blow job on her knees, while He sits on an easy chair and whacks her back and ass with a whip. sissy is well trained as Master is not afraid she would accidentally bite on Him. It sounds like Sir cums in her mouth after which He focused the whip on her buttocks and pinch her nipples. Hits are hard and make her yelp. continuation: sissy gets spanked with her collar. Master says the collar was not painful enough. continuation: still in the same degrading attire, sissy is made to stand legs spread, hands behind head, as Master first whips her ass while she moans and struggles to keep still, and then whips her very sensitive tits (sensitive probably because they are being grown by estradiol) while she moans much more. Later Master attaches clamps to her tits, and uses Hitachi on her clit while she has to stand still holdingh  the demeaning posture. sissy is made to walk in a public (deserted) road in high heels, stockings and red rope bondage only. Rope bondage makes sissy's tits stand out. Also her small clit shows. Finally T/they are again interrupted! naked, erect Master whips standing sissy, which has her titties clamped again. Eventually sissy gets to kneel and give a blow job in exchange. Ayaka is a further trained sissy. she can take her master's long whip. Ayaka sissy too has breasts. Here she wears peek-a-boo bra with nipple clamp chain which show them off. Otherwise she has her standard outfit: a corset, stockings and pumps, besides only a thong. She is on all fours, Master beats her ass with different implements. sissy keeps her legs obediently spread while Master drips hot wax on sissy clit and balls. sissy on all fours as Master sits on her back and drops wax on her ass. sissy reacts to each drop, but only with her mouth. sissy ayaka is tied ass up. she gets whipped, then hot wax which is whipped off with cat-o'-9-tales. Finally Master fucks her. Master ties sissy's hands in rope breast bondage, sissy gives Him a blow job. Master attaches nipple clamps to her titties and shows her the desired rhythm by pulling from the chain. Later sissy gets beaten, also on genitals.


  1. Motokosatou's site has sadly disappeared. Fortunately i have copies most of the pics, if someone wants copies just drop me email.

    1. hey was wondering if you still have those pics mia. I'd like a copy if possible thanks!