Sunday, 2 September 2012

Permission for a foreskin ring

Mistress is having Her period now, and is not intrested in sex. i just have to continue with the household chores next week without chances for release. A chaste week. Making meals, shopping for food.

Next week W/we have a cabin near Tromsö. W/we drive there by car, mainly me driving, 13 hours a day. In the cabin i make meals, and drive the family where they want to go.

First night W/we try to have sex, Mistress has asked me to buy condoms. She makes me lick Her intensively and bites my buttocks hard as a prize. But when it's time for sex, my hard-on becomes only semi-hard, and W/we'll have to call it a day. It's always so sad to face impotency, i have been so proud of not needing Viagra throughtout O/our a long marriage. Well, my Wife is still very attractive, that's the main reason for this, but i used to have erection problems before D/s.

The rest of the week goes by. Mistress surprises me by making me lick Her dirty plate clean, a lot of hot Mexican sauce!

After W/we get home W/we have a serious conversation. Mistress has been angry with my whining and insolence. i am bored with O/our D/s relation deteriorating. Mats and Lina are no more going to their hobbies together on Friday nights, which has caused W/we have very little time together with Mistress. i miss the sexual aspects of D/s and gifts from Her. After a lot of serious and sad talking She decides i can get a foreskin piercing, even though She doesn't like the mutilation of the genitals and is afraid She will not get sex for a month during the healing period. i will also get half an hour of weekly sexual D/s every Thursday at 8.30pm. i will have to make all meals and keep kitchen clean. i will also continue to wear the cb, in the future locked through my foreskin.

i have studied chastity piercings a lot, and found that it is simpler to take a regular foreskin piercing at the top end of my foreskin. i will wear a captive bead ring in it permanently. It hangs from the end of my foreskin, and after putting on the cb, i will put a small lock through the ring and the ring in the cb, finally preventing masturbation and pullout. Maybe i will put a rather large ring in it so that it can encircle my glans. If i could open the captive bead ring after all with pliers, W/we could instead purchase a a model that opens only with a special tool.

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