Monday, 24 September 2012

Piercing already in chastity use

i woke up before my vibrator alarm. i had found a small lock for my foreskin piercing. After epilating i put on the cb-2k over my piercing, and then circled the foreskin ring and the cb-2k 'B-ring' with the lock. i was truly locked now, no pull-out possibility. Besides i wore the medium points of intrigue, like always. Now i could start using a larger A-ring as pull-out is o longer an option.

i took new pictures of my piercing-locked penis and then i uploaded them in Fetlife. Then i had to start preparing breakfast and laying the table. As Mistress woke and sat at the table, i thought it was laid well but She made me fetch cinnamon for Her as it was missing . i handed it to Her with a curtsey as W/we were alone. Then She mistook salt for sugar, and put too much salt in Her rice porridge. i offered to eat it and W/we exchanged plates.

Mistress decided W/we lift the boat from water today, so that's where i spent next hours. i suck at men's work like that. i even suggested to Madam She should do that in the future with a man, or even with another woman it would be easier than with me. She lead the whole operation, i was a helping hand.

Back at home i was in my own territory, as i prepared lunch, chicken in mustard sauce and red rice. It is essential a slave's duty is not mistaken for only cooking - when W/we eat, i also lay the table, fill Mistress's glass with water, and clear the table, put everything in dishwasher, clean up the whole kitchen after my cooking, including the sink trap. Then i run the dishwasher and empty it. Without having to be asked to. It is all part of making Mistress happy.

It's funny how i now get my biggest erections not from net porn, which i may browse in my very limited free time, but from those Mistress's orders that emphasize Her status. Like when after a tedious lunch and cleanup She makes me run errands, make Her tea, bake U/us an applepie.

The new piercing sometimes causes misconfort. First pee with the piercing lock ended up with most pee wetting the lock. When penis tries to erect inside the cage, some pinching may occur. When Mistress decided we'll go to the gym, and once at the gym the ring in the piercing pinched against something and i had to go to the toilet to draw on my foreskin through the bars of cb-2k. After that i could exercise in my chastity piercing quite normally.

After gym i was exhausted. i was allowed a break and i slept almost immediately on the couch for 30 minutes. Then work continued: Indian shrimp curry, rice and more chicken fillets for dinner. Kids eat so much nowadays. At the same time warming up the sauna. Third time today i laid the table nicely. In the sauna i hid my penis ring from kids' view with a paper i read. As it heals, i will be removing it for sauna/swim. No sauna beer any more for me once a week, only diet coke.

After sauna W/we ate, i forgot to eat old leftovers myself, that was a pity. After cleaning the kitchen up the umpteenth time today and spooling the dishes, i reported and thought to get freetime, but no, still i had to fold laundry, iron Her skirt and still make a beetroot cassarole as per Her request. Others were watching TV while i worked. i got only half an hour net time and missed my favorite TV shows.

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