Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Supervised countdown masturbation in a hood

Thursday came, again my meeting with an investor in Oslo was postponed, so was my piercing, which i was going to do in a studio which required no reservations. However i was happy as Thursday meant my weekly half an hour of fun with Mistress. To help Mistress i prepared one paper sheet with possible gear and things to do besides supervised masturbation. i worked on Her net pages until it was 8.30, and then She sent me up, and had me open O/our toy chest.

She ordered me to strip totally, take off the cb and put on my leather hood which has only nostril holes. It was fun being made to wear the all leather hood Mistress made by Herself many years ago. We were twentysomething then. But it was not so fun to put on ball weights, 2kg. My balls ached from the prolonged excitement without a release, and it was really painful to carry the 2kg weight with just my balls. My ball sac went long, the balls were down, and the strap (we don't own a parachute) was resting on the balls. i could walk to Mistress according to Her order, but only resting the weight partly on my knees, which i kept together, while feeling my way to Her with the hood on. It must have looked funny.

She said She had planned puppy play, but that it seems impossible with that weight. i was allowed to exchange it for O/our bulkiest butt plug, maybe half a kilo. Soon i knelt up straight before Her. She said i must move silently, as kids were watching cartoons exactly below us. 'Sit' - meaning squat with fingers on the floor but heels up. 'Lie down on your belly', 'Sit', 'Lie down face up', 'Sit', 'What does Beg look like?' i showed the position panting inside my hood. 'Lie down face up', 'On all fours', 'Sit'. Then She ordered me to do 20 push-up's on the bed in my darkness and ordered me to sample back exercises as well. She said in half an hour there's time to do nearly everything on the list. She wanted me to sample 'stay erect with mental power only'. i knelt up facing the bed hands cupped and concentrated on my erection. i said that this is a good way for Her to kill time during my fun half an hour. Another would be holding a coin against the wall with my nose for 10 minutes. It was easy to keep fully erect with the middle sized,A-ring of cb-2000 still on.

She kept me kneeling a long time with the order to concentrate to stay erect. my dark wait was finally disrupted by Her voice: move back. i backed until my feet met a cabinet. 'Now you may masturbate, i count down from 20 and at zero you may have a ruined orgasm. 20, 19,... ' i started masturbating. My organ was very big, hard and the veins could be felt on it even though i saw nothing. How right it felt. A boy with black hood, otherwise naked, pink cockring, totally shaven from the belly down, kneeling quietly for a long time before his Mistress, then on order starting masturbation. It must have been a pretty sight. It is not easy to masturbate without lube a overswollen penis. At 15 i understood i must do my best to make it in time. i started vigorous wanking, and Mistress helped maybe a little by slowing down the count, but nevertheless i didn't get to the edge before She reached zero. Game over, next try next week!

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