Tuesday, 23 October 2012

New article: training a slave to cum in its own mouth

i have added a new text about training a slave to cum in its own mouth. You can find it here

Monday, 22 October 2012

Outlining D/s in a new way

The next day W/we outlined O/our new relationship. W/we would stop 24/7 and start dividing O/our time to uptime and downtime. She can give me a sign (which She later defines) to put me into submission. i will have to start following Her orders right from that mark. W/we will arrange more time for just the two of us (after Her project at work is over in January) and i will be allowed to get a maid costume to be Her maid during those times (and many many times after kids leave home). i am encouraged to plan and arrange activities for kids so that W/we can be alone.

During downtime (most working days at least) i will be basically free, but in chastity, at least if i'm not with Mistress i will be locked through the foreskin ring. i will have to epilate everything that will show between a corset and the stocking tops, save a small, neat triangle of pubes, that i will now let grow back. i will have to do my fair share of the homework without any prospect of being dominated. i have no limitations for bathroom, net, nor TV.

After Saturday W/we have now had only downtime. For the first time in years i decided by myself on Sunday morning that i will take leaf piles to compost, protect plants with wire nets and carry firewood to our firewood shed. It was kind of cool. Then i made lunch for U/us and my mother-in-law, a Mediterranean vegetable soup with fresh basilica sauce. Veggie foods are Wife's favourites, and i had planned ahead that i will do that soup. Then She surprised me by ordering me to take Mats to his hobby and go to the gym while i wait for him.

After that i had to warm up the sauna, so it was pretty much like it used to be with the exception that i could browse the net freely in the evening looking for maid costumes, and boy, did i find some beauties. W/we went through the dresses with Mistress, and She decided She will make me a maid's costume, next year after Her project.

Everything has been fine after the showdown, i think. This new system seems much more feasible.

Saturday, 20 October 2012

Back to being a Domme

On Friday night She told me She wasn't into being a switch any more. She was a Domme, but She wanted also intellectual input from me as an equal from time to time, and wanted sometimes to give and receive little and sensitive caresses. She also said She wanted me to have simultaneous orgasms with Her, as that rendered better orgasms for Her. Also fucking with my foreskin drawn forward inside a condom didn't feel as good as with bare glans. i said that maybe it is good that i am allowed more orgasms and my sexual drive diminishes somewhat.

W/we watched Eyes Wide Shut and proceeded to fuck, Her way. W/we caressed each other lightly, She wanted me to touch Her breasts, nipples and the insides of Her thighs very lightly and then with my fingertips only. She got very excited from that and made me lick Her pussy and fuck Her from behind with my nose. With every thrust of my nose i licked Her clit or made contact between the tip of my tongue and Her vulva. She let me go on for a good while and got more and more excited as my nose got wetter and wetter. Then She ordered me to get the dildo and fuck Her with the dildo. i held the dildo in my hand, fucking Her under Her, on my back on the bed as She was on all fours. i pushed the dildo gently halfway in, started flicking it in and out in a small movement. She lowered Herself to an almost sitting position, and i started licking Her clit as i fucked Her with the dildo. She liked it, but not to a conclusion. She said later the feelings didn't back up each other. When She uses the dildo on Herself, She gets a precise, targeted action which results in a strong orgasm, but if the dildo is handled in a wrong way, it may cause pain. Eventually i was allowed to put on a condom, foreskin back, and fuck Herself and me to an orgasm. It was great!

Thursday, 18 October 2012

The biggest crisis of O/our relationship

There has been ups and downs in O/our D/s saga. As you may know, the texts i'm posting are my old diary entries. Current posts describe things that happened two years since the beginning of O/our D/s relationship. The first year had been superb, but then a slide started. The all time low of O/our relationship was reached one a sad November Tuesday. After that a new, but slow rise started and currently O/Our D/s is again well and strong.

On that fatal Tuesday Mistress bossed me around unlike most days, but i decided this time i'm speaking my mind. i said to Her things like 'you don't have to say please to me', 'you don't have to apologize for me' and so on, every time She said something that seemed lame from the D/s perspective. She hissed back at me 'Don't try to change what I am', and W/we had a serious discussion in which i confessed i long for trying out being a sissy maid with appropriate costume, being a slave to a couple or having a fellow slave, or being cuckolded. Well, i think She knew all of that, but it was new that i said thinks like those being part of my innermost feelings, and a need, and that i have been considering seriously my life since the first D/s break-up that had happened two months ago.

i really wanted a change. i had understood for months that the D/s like W/we were doing it was not developing, and W/we needed to break it up and think of something else. She didn't really want to overpower me, to force me into anything. i wanted the discussion to concentrate on the new dynamics of the relationship, but it revolved around the breakup issue, and the next day was so gloomy i can't believe it, with much crying, W/we sleeping in separate beds etc.

On Thursday i had got Her convinced i didn't want a breakup, just get O/our thing together. She was earlier a switch, so i suggested dominating Her. i ordered Her to strip and dress in a corset, stockings, high heels and a pvc skirt, topless. Then i had Her pose for me. She didn't look so happy so i ordered Her to smile and proceeded to dominate Her like i thought She liked to be dominated: no pain, just kneading Her breasts and buttocks. i even ordered Her to arch Her back and stick Her ass in the air as She was waiting on all fours to be taken by me. She was as wet as can be, and i fucked Her for the first time with my foreskin ring on. The ring made Her feel uneasy, and She didn't cum.

Monday, 15 October 2012

Supervised masturbation with foreskin ring

The week goes by, Thursday at 8.30 is the playtime. Clothes off, cb off, Mistress settles in bed under the blanket. She decides i put the big new clamps in my titties and ball sac. Then She orders me to put on a corset and stockings! First time in years. Then She made me alternate between waiting on my knees and stroking 30 second batches. She made me take time by myself and looked unhappy, something's wrong. She gave me permission to remove the ball clamps, which hurt very much from the beginning. She informed that 2 minutes were left, and asked me what i wanted to do. i had been quite close, though the foreskin ring is a bit painful while masturbating, and i asked to be allowed to try ruined orgasm in 30 seconds. She granted it without further ado, i tried my fast handiwork but the ring and the clamps in my nipples maybe caused me to fail perform in 30 seconds. Time's out, you lost.

During the weekend the D/s improved again. Little signs, acknowledging the power... 'Get me another cup of tea' and so on. Sunday was the father's day. i got smallish presents: a flower and a toilet paper hanger. In the morning Mistress announced that i was supposed to prepare a better-than-usual father's day Sunday lunch. However first i was instructed to join Her out. i didn't know what for, but She ordered me on the beach, empty O/our rowing boat and take poses in the rowboat for Her pics. Then i needed to put on the rows and row Her out on the sea for some more pics and a stroll on an island. i rowed Her back and needed to take care of the boat again, She didn't bother to help at all, which was cool. She ordered me to take various things from the beach sauna to the house, and get on with the lunch. i made whitefish the veracruz style with rice, She liked it and left of course everything for me to clear up after the meal.

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Piercing lock trouble

The piercing lock i used stop working, i couldn't get it locked anymore. Now i had time to find a new one, and on Sunday morning, after epilation it was double lock time again. The piercing is healing fast. i even hung the new, quite heavy lock from the piercing ring, and it wouldn't hurt. Piercing lock is quite practical. The only problem is the locks i have used are quite sharp-edged, and sometimes they turn and touch glans, which sends a shock wave. However that is very rare, experienced only once, and been using the now 4 days. Anyway, i will try to find a smaller and smooth-edged lock. i have started to draw my foreskin back before putting it into cb, so the foreskin ring rests on top of penis and it easy to lock to 'C-ring'.

Mistress also allowed me to order ball stretcher weights, and I browsed them after locking myself in. i tried my dimensions by tying a thin rope around the base of my sac many times, wearing it and measuring the diameter of the rope (by dividing the perimeter of a loop by 6,3). Surprisingly the diameter only showed less than 2cm. All weights i found had 1 3/8'' diameter, which is about 3,5cm. The smallest i found were 1'' (2,5 cm), and they had no ring bolts for hanging extra weights. My Mistress even made me wear a 2kg weight once. Anyway, i emailed the manufacturer about delivery to Norway.

Today Mistress decides i am blowing leaves from O/our yard once again. Then making lunch, and She sends me to the gym before i have to warm up the sauna.

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mistress's odd randez-vous

i had not had time to epilate in two days, so i had a much bigger pluck & epilate work to do on Saturday morning. As Mistress came downstairs, i greeted Her with the usual
-'good morning, may You have green or black tea, Madam'
After breakfast Mistress told me to make lunch bags, and put on warm clothes. She directed me to the car, and told me to drive to Lillehammer. She said She has a date there. As W/we reached the destination, She told me to wait in the car. i saw She greeted a woman by a near farmhouse, and spent maybe 40 minutes inside. I didn't know what was going on. As She returned She disclosed what was the purpose: to purchase some material She needs at work. Then She guided me to a nature trail nearby and we walked, ate lunch sandwiches in the forest, picked last mushrooms of the autumn.

At home i had to prepare lunch for all, W/we ate, then Mistress asked me to get pen and paper so She can list me outdoor chores for the rest of the day. i was allowed to make myself coffee, but She ordered me to take it with my in a thermos mug and drink it while working! i had to clean the boat, store the battery for winter and cover the boat. Afterwards i managed to cut a bunch of flowers, next on Her list, before it became too dark. Then i had to bake a chocolate cake for Mats's birthday party, and rent a movie for the party with Mats. After getting the movie They started to watch TV, i could go to Fetlife.

PS. First time more than 1000 pageloads per day (6th Oct). Thank you readers.

Saturday, 6 October 2012

A wet dream and a thorough kitchen cleaning

On Friday morning i woke up with memories of something happening during the night, and my wet willy confirmed it: i had got a wet dream. Maybe provoked by last night somehow? Some tend to think wet dream is a good way for a chastity slave to keep the plumbing working. Yes - the only problem is it removes some of the sexual energy.

Right after work i did grocery shopping for the weekend in 3 shops, getting all the best deals from each shop. Mistress SMS'd me that They are going to have a coffee at a new nearby cafe/restaurant that opened. i was allowed to join Them, and have a hamburger meal. Great!

Then i had to take Lina to Her hobby, and as i got home, Mistress ordered me to use the next hour to make a thorough kitchen cleaning: all doors, surfaces and bottoms of drawers. i started the work, did a lot of work removing all stains from the stove, cleaned all surfaces, and after 45 minutes i came to Mistress and said i'm ready. She looked very annoyed, i looked very small, She pulled first drawer open, and then i knew it: i had forgotten the insides of cabinets and drawers. i started to empty kettle drawers, washed the bottom, and then the next one. Now it turned out i didn't have enough time before i had to leave for Lina. I had to finish the drawers in the late hours of Friday.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Supervised ruined orgasm

The piercing seemed fine in the morning so, after consulting Mistress, i am today again in piercing-enforced chastity.

In the evening Mistress takes command and orders me to change clothes after eating, make fire in the fireplace, and attend to it while cleaning the fridge up, all shelves, walls, doors - it has to be immaculate. As i slave away, i notice it really needs cleaning. Mistress says that She had to clean up the micro also, i have been doing poorly in kitchen. As i report to Mistress after the fridge is cleaned, She tells me in Her study that She is busy and if i don't find anything to do myself, i may have free time. Well, free time it is, me updating the blog.

Finally as i have made supper sandwiches for myself, Mistress comes to me and asks 'Are you now going to start to eat?' i rose politely, and looked like a question mark, so She continued 'It's 8.30 pm'. As I still didn't get it, She added 'It's Thursday'. i had forgotten my weekly half an hour of play time! How embarrassing! i have no idea how it is possible.

Anyway, i was soon upstairs in O/our bedroom. Mistress ordered me to strip everything, also the cb. She looked closely as i unlocked my new piercing. Next She told me to open the chest and put on a dog collar and a corset. She has not many times asked me to wear a corset, so i was positively surprised. i tried on a strict white corset of Hers, but could only close a couple of hooks. Then i changed into a lacy, not so tight corset, originally my present to Her. i closed it at the front and then i had to turn it 180 degrees on me, really tight fit, but succeeded.

Next She wanted handcuffs, and cuffed my hands behind my back. She ordered me to time myself, and masturbate a minute on my knees, like i was. Putting my left hand further behind my back i managed to grab my clitty with my right hand even though I was cuffed. The ring hindered me from grabbing my glans in my hand, but concentrating on the underside i could masturbate quite successfully. After the minute i had to take my hand off, and wait silently on my knees, clitty throbbing, until She ordered me another minute to masturbate. i accelerated to a quick rhythm, and thought i could maybe succeed, but not enough time. Then i had to wait another longish time, as She read Her book, and '30 seconds'. During that i asked if i could edge, She answered 'definitively not'. i started thinking maybe She doesn't allow it this time, but after another pause She ordered me to move and kneel on my side of my bed. She doesn't want my cum on the floor by Her side of the bed. Like i guessed, She now ordered me to wank for 30 seconds, with an option to edge if i can. With intensive hand movement i was able to reach my limit in 20 seconds, and with a little sigh caused by the release i withdraw my hand, and in a second a couple of white drops leaked from my erect penis on the floor forming a little pool there. It was over, my first ruined orgasm with the foreskin ring.
After washing up my penis and changing back to my normal clothes, i licked it all up from the floor without having to be asked.

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Tight discipline day

Mistress continued the tight discipline on Tuesday. She ordered me to eat oldest leftovers, potatoes and beetroot cassarole only and scrape clean the bowls that family had emptied. As i had eaten She was sitting on the sofa and told me to load the cd-player with Her favourite music and if She didn't like it, i would be made to redo it. Next i was ordered to have a cake with a glass of white wine, the cheapest sort that i may buy for myself, and sit by the oak table while eating.

i stood on Her left looking at Her hands for possible hand signals each time i had completed the order. As i had folded all laundry, ironed my trench, i asked if i could have some free time, but Mistress told me to prepare tomorrow's meal for the kids – it must be waiting for them when they get home. i prepared enchilados, double amount, and had to go and shop for groceries in the middle. When it was ready, it was supper time and kids ate already big part of it. i ate sandwiches. After that a little free time in the net and to bed early.

Monday, 1 October 2012

Treated as a servant in front of O/our kids

Monday was the first day i was piercing-locked at work, without any means of escaping. It worked fine, some pee went on the lock the first time i peed. In the evening the area was however a bit red, so Mistress decided i don't use piercing-lock tomorrow, only cb, to ease the healing process. The piercing also oozed a little, found it hardened on the ring in the evening.

i was home before Madam, a thing that has not happened lately. i welcomed Her at the door, fixed Her and myself a dish and served it. She ordered me around the whole evening, which was excellent. Small tasks like 'Make me a cup of tea', 'Get me my sketch book from my study', 'Take the garbage out, empty the biowaste into compost and wash up the biowaste bucket'. There was no time to watch my favourite TV tonight either, as i was kept cooking, cleaning up the kitchen, painting boards for Mistress's and Her carpenter's project, getting apple juice from the cellar and taking summer coats to the basement, emptying all waste baskets, planning the menu etc. Madam started watching TV and allowed me to lie at and partially under Her legs and warm up Her cold legs though Mats was present.

There was one thing in O/our household that still reminded of the old days and had to be changed. i had the larger compartment of the cloth cabinet by O/our main door. Today that was changed, as i emptied all my clothes and shoes from it, washed it up, and moved Mistress's clothes, shoes, scarfs, hats etc. in it, and put my clothes in the small sidecabinet.

After all the work i went to salon where Madam and the kids were watching telly. Madam didn't thank me but asked me not to block view to telly, oops, i was standing partially in Her way. Then She asked me to make Her tea and two tomato-emmental sandwiches - treating me as a servant in front of O/our kids. The result was extraordinary, my penis tried hardest in many days to get erect. Public humiliation seems to be my kink. i asked Her permission to eat myself too. After that i still had to prepare food for tomorrow: kebab. No playing in the bed. Madam seems not use me for sex anymore.