Saturday, 20 October 2012

Back to being a Domme

On Friday night She told me She wasn't into being a switch any more. She was a Domme, but She wanted also intellectual input from me as an equal from time to time, and wanted sometimes to give and receive little and sensitive caresses. She also said She wanted me to have simultaneous orgasms with Her, as that rendered better orgasms for Her. Also fucking with my foreskin drawn forward inside a condom didn't feel as good as with bare glans. i said that maybe it is good that i am allowed more orgasms and my sexual drive diminishes somewhat.

W/we watched Eyes Wide Shut and proceeded to fuck, Her way. W/we caressed each other lightly, She wanted me to touch Her breasts, nipples and the insides of Her thighs very lightly and then with my fingertips only. She got very excited from that and made me lick Her pussy and fuck Her from behind with my nose. With every thrust of my nose i licked Her clit or made contact between the tip of my tongue and Her vulva. She let me go on for a good while and got more and more excited as my nose got wetter and wetter. Then She ordered me to get the dildo and fuck Her with the dildo. i held the dildo in my hand, fucking Her under Her, on my back on the bed as She was on all fours. i pushed the dildo gently halfway in, started flicking it in and out in a small movement. She lowered Herself to an almost sitting position, and i started licking Her clit as i fucked Her with the dildo. She liked it, but not to a conclusion. She said later the feelings didn't back up each other. When She uses the dildo on Herself, She gets a precise, targeted action which results in a strong orgasm, but if the dildo is handled in a wrong way, it may cause pain. Eventually i was allowed to put on a condom, foreskin back, and fuck Herself and me to an orgasm. It was great!

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