Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Mistress's odd randez-vous

i had not had time to epilate in two days, so i had a much bigger pluck & epilate work to do on Saturday morning. As Mistress came downstairs, i greeted Her with the usual
-'good morning, may You have green or black tea, Madam'
After breakfast Mistress told me to make lunch bags, and put on warm clothes. She directed me to the car, and told me to drive to Lillehammer. She said She has a date there. As W/we reached the destination, She told me to wait in the car. i saw She greeted a woman by a near farmhouse, and spent maybe 40 minutes inside. I didn't know what was going on. As She returned She disclosed what was the purpose: to purchase some material She needs at work. Then She guided me to a nature trail nearby and we walked, ate lunch sandwiches in the forest, picked last mushrooms of the autumn.

At home i had to prepare lunch for all, W/we ate, then Mistress asked me to get pen and paper so She can list me outdoor chores for the rest of the day. i was allowed to make myself coffee, but She ordered me to take it with my in a thermos mug and drink it while working! i had to clean the boat, store the battery for winter and cover the boat. Afterwards i managed to cut a bunch of flowers, next on Her list, before it became too dark. Then i had to bake a chocolate cake for Mats's birthday party, and rent a movie for the party with Mats. After getting the movie They started to watch TV, i could go to Fetlife.

PS. First time more than 1000 pageloads per day (6th Oct). Thank you readers.

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  1. Many thanks for your excellent reports and most inspiring blog!
    Sincerely, Roland