Monday, 22 October 2012

Outlining D/s in a new way

The next day W/we outlined O/our new relationship. W/we would stop 24/7 and start dividing O/our time to uptime and downtime. She can give me a sign (which She later defines) to put me into submission. i will have to start following Her orders right from that mark. W/we will arrange more time for just the two of us (after Her project at work is over in January) and i will be allowed to get a maid costume to be Her maid during those times (and many many times after kids leave home). i am encouraged to plan and arrange activities for kids so that W/we can be alone.

During downtime (most working days at least) i will be basically free, but in chastity, at least if i'm not with Mistress i will be locked through the foreskin ring. i will have to epilate everything that will show between a corset and the stocking tops, save a small, neat triangle of pubes, that i will now let grow back. i will have to do my fair share of the homework without any prospect of being dominated. i have no limitations for bathroom, net, nor TV.

After Saturday W/we have now had only downtime. For the first time in years i decided by myself on Sunday morning that i will take leaf piles to compost, protect plants with wire nets and carry firewood to our firewood shed. It was kind of cool. Then i made lunch for U/us and my mother-in-law, a Mediterranean vegetable soup with fresh basilica sauce. Veggie foods are Wife's favourites, and i had planned ahead that i will do that soup. Then She surprised me by ordering me to take Mats to his hobby and go to the gym while i wait for him.

After that i had to warm up the sauna, so it was pretty much like it used to be with the exception that i could browse the net freely in the evening looking for maid costumes, and boy, did i find some beauties. W/we went through the dresses with Mistress, and She decided She will make me a maid's costume, next year after Her project.

Everything has been fine after the showdown, i think. This new system seems much more feasible.

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