Thursday, 11 October 2012

Piercing lock trouble

The piercing lock i used stop working, i couldn't get it locked anymore. Now i had time to find a new one, and on Sunday morning, after epilation it was double lock time again. The piercing is healing fast. i even hung the new, quite heavy lock from the piercing ring, and it wouldn't hurt. Piercing lock is quite practical. The only problem is the locks i have used are quite sharp-edged, and sometimes they turn and touch glans, which sends a shock wave. However that is very rare, experienced only once, and been using the now 4 days. Anyway, i will try to find a smaller and smooth-edged lock. i have started to draw my foreskin back before putting it into cb, so the foreskin ring rests on top of penis and it easy to lock to 'C-ring'.

Mistress also allowed me to order ball stretcher weights, and I browsed them after locking myself in. i tried my dimensions by tying a thin rope around the base of my sac many times, wearing it and measuring the diameter of the rope (by dividing the perimeter of a loop by 6,3). Surprisingly the diameter only showed less than 2cm. All weights i found had 1 3/8'' diameter, which is about 3,5cm. The smallest i found were 1'' (2,5 cm), and they had no ring bolts for hanging extra weights. My Mistress even made me wear a 2kg weight once. Anyway, i emailed the manufacturer about delivery to Norway.

Today Mistress decides i am blowing leaves from O/our yard once again. Then making lunch, and She sends me to the gym before i have to warm up the sauna.

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