Monday, 15 October 2012

Supervised masturbation with foreskin ring

The week goes by, Thursday at 8.30 is the playtime. Clothes off, cb off, Mistress settles in bed under the blanket. She decides i put the big new clamps in my titties and ball sac. Then She orders me to put on a corset and stockings! First time in years. Then She made me alternate between waiting on my knees and stroking 30 second batches. She made me take time by myself and looked unhappy, something's wrong. She gave me permission to remove the ball clamps, which hurt very much from the beginning. She informed that 2 minutes were left, and asked me what i wanted to do. i had been quite close, though the foreskin ring is a bit painful while masturbating, and i asked to be allowed to try ruined orgasm in 30 seconds. She granted it without further ado, i tried my fast handiwork but the ring and the clamps in my nipples maybe caused me to fail perform in 30 seconds. Time's out, you lost.

During the weekend the D/s improved again. Little signs, acknowledging the power... 'Get me another cup of tea' and so on. Sunday was the father's day. i got smallish presents: a flower and a toilet paper hanger. In the morning Mistress announced that i was supposed to prepare a better-than-usual father's day Sunday lunch. However first i was instructed to join Her out. i didn't know what for, but She ordered me on the beach, empty O/our rowing boat and take poses in the rowboat for Her pics. Then i needed to put on the rows and row Her out on the sea for some more pics and a stroll on an island. i rowed Her back and needed to take care of the boat again, She didn't bother to help at all, which was cool. She ordered me to take various things from the beach sauna to the house, and get on with the lunch. i made whitefish the veracruz style with rice, She liked it and left of course everything for me to clear up after the meal.

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  1. Hot report! I really envy you for such great experience!