Thursday, 4 October 2012

Supervised ruined orgasm

The piercing seemed fine in the morning so, after consulting Mistress, i am today again in piercing-enforced chastity.

In the evening Mistress takes command and orders me to change clothes after eating, make fire in the fireplace, and attend to it while cleaning the fridge up, all shelves, walls, doors - it has to be immaculate. As i slave away, i notice it really needs cleaning. Mistress says that She had to clean up the micro also, i have been doing poorly in kitchen. As i report to Mistress after the fridge is cleaned, She tells me in Her study that She is busy and if i don't find anything to do myself, i may have free time. Well, free time it is, me updating the blog.

Finally as i have made supper sandwiches for myself, Mistress comes to me and asks 'Are you now going to start to eat?' i rose politely, and looked like a question mark, so She continued 'It's 8.30 pm'. As I still didn't get it, She added 'It's Thursday'. i had forgotten my weekly half an hour of play time! How embarrassing! i have no idea how it is possible.

Anyway, i was soon upstairs in O/our bedroom. Mistress ordered me to strip everything, also the cb. She looked closely as i unlocked my new piercing. Next She told me to open the chest and put on a dog collar and a corset. She has not many times asked me to wear a corset, so i was positively surprised. i tried on a strict white corset of Hers, but could only close a couple of hooks. Then i changed into a lacy, not so tight corset, originally my present to Her. i closed it at the front and then i had to turn it 180 degrees on me, really tight fit, but succeeded.

Next She wanted handcuffs, and cuffed my hands behind my back. She ordered me to time myself, and masturbate a minute on my knees, like i was. Putting my left hand further behind my back i managed to grab my clitty with my right hand even though I was cuffed. The ring hindered me from grabbing my glans in my hand, but concentrating on the underside i could masturbate quite successfully. After the minute i had to take my hand off, and wait silently on my knees, clitty throbbing, until She ordered me another minute to masturbate. i accelerated to a quick rhythm, and thought i could maybe succeed, but not enough time. Then i had to wait another longish time, as She read Her book, and '30 seconds'. During that i asked if i could edge, She answered 'definitively not'. i started thinking maybe She doesn't allow it this time, but after another pause She ordered me to move and kneel on my side of my bed. She doesn't want my cum on the floor by Her side of the bed. Like i guessed, She now ordered me to wank for 30 seconds, with an option to edge if i can. With intensive hand movement i was able to reach my limit in 20 seconds, and with a little sigh caused by the release i withdraw my hand, and in a second a couple of white drops leaked from my erect penis on the floor forming a little pool there. It was over, my first ruined orgasm with the foreskin ring.
After washing up my penis and changing back to my normal clothes, i licked it all up from the floor without having to be asked.

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