Thursday, 18 October 2012

The biggest crisis of O/our relationship

There has been ups and downs in O/our D/s saga. As you may know, the texts i'm posting are my old diary entries. Current posts describe things that happened two years since the beginning of O/our D/s relationship. The first year had been superb, but then a slide started. The all time low of O/our relationship was reached one a sad November Tuesday. After that a new, but slow rise started and currently O/Our D/s is again well and strong.

On that fatal Tuesday Mistress bossed me around unlike most days, but i decided this time i'm speaking my mind. i said to Her things like 'you don't have to say please to me', 'you don't have to apologize for me' and so on, every time She said something that seemed lame from the D/s perspective. She hissed back at me 'Don't try to change what I am', and W/we had a serious discussion in which i confessed i long for trying out being a sissy maid with appropriate costume, being a slave to a couple or having a fellow slave, or being cuckolded. Well, i think She knew all of that, but it was new that i said thinks like those being part of my innermost feelings, and a need, and that i have been considering seriously my life since the first D/s break-up that had happened two months ago.

i really wanted a change. i had understood for months that the D/s like W/we were doing it was not developing, and W/we needed to break it up and think of something else. She didn't really want to overpower me, to force me into anything. i wanted the discussion to concentrate on the new dynamics of the relationship, but it revolved around the breakup issue, and the next day was so gloomy i can't believe it, with much crying, W/we sleeping in separate beds etc.

On Thursday i had got Her convinced i didn't want a breakup, just get O/our thing together. She was earlier a switch, so i suggested dominating Her. i ordered Her to strip and dress in a corset, stockings, high heels and a pvc skirt, topless. Then i had Her pose for me. She didn't look so happy so i ordered Her to smile and proceeded to dominate Her like i thought She liked to be dominated: no pain, just kneading Her breasts and buttocks. i even ordered Her to arch Her back and stick Her ass in the air as She was waiting on all fours to be taken by me. She was as wet as can be, and i fucked Her for the first time with my foreskin ring on. The ring made Her feel uneasy, and She didn't cum.

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  1. It is really bad that she felt so uneasy to not being able to cum. I makes me feel very sorry for her, although hoping that this might change, with her just uninhibited to cum the best she can, with you causing it.