Monday, 1 October 2012

Treated as a servant in front of O/our kids

Monday was the first day i was piercing-locked at work, without any means of escaping. It worked fine, some pee went on the lock the first time i peed. In the evening the area was however a bit red, so Mistress decided i don't use piercing-lock tomorrow, only cb, to ease the healing process. The piercing also oozed a little, found it hardened on the ring in the evening.

i was home before Madam, a thing that has not happened lately. i welcomed Her at the door, fixed Her and myself a dish and served it. She ordered me around the whole evening, which was excellent. Small tasks like 'Make me a cup of tea', 'Get me my sketch book from my study', 'Take the garbage out, empty the biowaste into compost and wash up the biowaste bucket'. There was no time to watch my favourite TV tonight either, as i was kept cooking, cleaning up the kitchen, painting boards for Mistress's and Her carpenter's project, getting apple juice from the cellar and taking summer coats to the basement, emptying all waste baskets, planning the menu etc. Madam started watching TV and allowed me to lie at and partially under Her legs and warm up Her cold legs though Mats was present.

There was one thing in O/our household that still reminded of the old days and had to be changed. i had the larger compartment of the cloth cabinet by O/our main door. Today that was changed, as i emptied all my clothes and shoes from it, washed it up, and moved Mistress's clothes, shoes, scarfs, hats etc. in it, and put my clothes in the small sidecabinet.

After all the work i went to salon where Madam and the kids were watching telly. Madam didn't thank me but asked me not to block view to telly, oops, i was standing partially in Her way. Then She asked me to make Her tea and two tomato-emmental sandwiches - treating me as a servant in front of O/our kids. The result was extraordinary, my penis tried hardest in many days to get erect. Public humiliation seems to be my kink. i asked Her permission to eat myself too. After that i still had to prepare food for tomorrow: kebab. No playing in the bed. Madam seems not use me for sex anymore.

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