Saturday, 24 November 2012

Licking Her pussy

On Sunday Mistress informed me the Mode 2 continues also today. Lina is at her sleepover, so also a serving costume in the morning could be possible, but W/we hear noises: Mats is up early for the first time in years. So slave costume gets cancelled.

It's a morning of fetching, moving things, making tea etc: being at Her beck and call. That ends at midday, as W/we were invited to a party. i drive U/us there, open car doors politely to Her and escort Her to the ball. i wear the cb of course.

In the evening i warm up the sauna and prepare cold smoked salmon pasta. Mistress is not happy with my performance, i read the paper in the kitchen while i cook, and She doesn't give me any gifts as W/we get to bed.

On Tuesday night after two days in Mode 1 Mistress surprises me by wanting sex as W/we get to bed. It's only 3 days since O/our latest fuck that left me with blue balls. She orders me to squeeze Her butt , along with light touches on the nipples. Next She makes me lie on my back with my hands crossed behind my back (no ties), as She straddles my face and has me lick Her already quite moist pussy. Then She fetches a condom and makes me take off the foreskin ring and put the condom on. Then She mounts me and takes Her turn to fuck me by moving Her hips up and down so Her pussy slides along my shaft. She raises Herself a little giving me some working space to fuck Her from below. Later She wants to be fucked doggy style and She orgasms, throwing me over the edge as She cums, making me cum just moments after Her.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Slave mode Saturday

On Saturday night Mistress asks if i'm ready for Mode 2. i say i am, as it is already 6 days from my latest orgasm. i am wearing cb-2000 with large points of intrigue, foreskin ring lock to the end of the cb, and jeans and tight shirt on top of them. My crotch is epilated in the morning except for the small triangle of pubes.

First She makes me kneel and orders me to take garbage out, wash and dry the garbage bin and then make a cookie dough, and to be quick about it. As i make the dough Mistress comes by and wonders why it takes so much time. She makes me kneel again to bark at me. As i am ready, and the dough put into fridge for 10 hours, She makes me put on outdoor wear, take my wallet and cell phone and also fetch a rugsack. She takes U/us on a walk from O/our house, during the first turns it occurs to me W/we are probably going to an outdoor market, near U/us only this weekend. There She makes me follow Her and pay for Her purchases (some expensive yarn for Her handiwork).

As W/we get home, i get ordered to do some small tasks, and then prepare the lunch. She has approved my idea of cold smoked salmon with lensil-carrot sauce, but ordered also cooked carrots, corn and peas. During laying of the table She decides it's time for the Christmas theme, and i have to clear the table, and put on a red tablecloth of Her choosing, and candles. After the meal She orders green tea so that every kid hears. As i make it i start scraping the remains from an empty syrup box into my mouth. Mistress notices, and asks who allowed me to eat sweets, again kids hear. i say with a weak voice that i thought it's OK to scrape empty kitchenware... She is angry, and later makes me kneel and shouts at me for not obeying Her orders and slaps my face three times with a wooden paintbrush. Last slap hits me on the cheekbone, it stings a lot, makes me put my hand on the spot. She tells me harshly not to start weeping and sends me off. My cheeks remain red and sore.

i give Her the tea. She asks for biscuits with the tea. i give Her the cookie box. She eats the last ones, and then collects the pieces, makes me tilt my head so my mouth is up (W/we are alone now) and drops the crumbs to my mouth, makes me wait, gets the salt, and drops some salt directly to my mouth - now i may swallow. She asks if i would like some cookies. i say i would prefer chocolate pieces or ice cream. She says if i clean up the kitchen now so well She cannot find any dirty stains, i get some pieces of chocolate.
i try to do a thorough job, but as She checks out She finds dirt in a couple of cabinet doors and the fridge handle. No chocolate for me.

i follow Mistress around and She gives me various small tasks:
-'take those rotten apples from the porch to compost'
-'Get me my weaving from upstairs'.
Then She says She must not be disturbed for a long time, and mentions various tasks i must do in the mean time and makes me compile a list of them: empty dishwasher and clean up kitchen, empty washing machine when ready and put those that don't have lycra in the dryer, make Christmas menu , take care of the boat battery, make apple chisel, empty garbage bins, peel one carrot for Her, put my old magazines that i have saved in plastic bags, take them to recycling as i carry Lina to her sleepover at 5pm and make enchilados for dinner, plus sauna ready at 6pm.

That tells you how my next 3-4 hours went. i didn't dare take off my piercing ring this time, i went to sauna before the others, and did water aerobics. i fantazised about multiple slaves doing jumping jacks in the pool all with rings in their cocks. Pierced cocks are so full of symbolism. After sauna Mistress wants to have a try making Christmas cookies, i have to help and wash the surfaces that are now full of flour and dough.

Mistress decided W/we were having sex in the night, so i had to take off the ring anyway, with the help of Mistress, as She doesn't like the feel of the ring inside Her. No ooze, it is healing well. She put on a corset (the same i used some time ago) and stockings first. There was a lot of licking Her then, and She seemed to like the feel of a full flat tongue moving on Her clit very much, must take note of that. Also fucking Her with my nose in 69 position (without Her mouth on my sissy clit of course) was another favourite of Hers - She handed me a hankie to wipe my nose afterwards. First i was to make love to Her on my knees, as She sat on the edge of the bed. Then lying by Her side, and finally doggy style. My foreskin was partially covering my glans, at least the sensitive bulbous ridge that goes around it, so i did not orgasm, and Shed left me without one.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Maid's dress for me

So Mistress is away for this week. However She leaves me work to do: i must clean up all the rest of the mushrooms She picked and iron my mother's dress Mistress is going to wear at aparty W/we got invited. She says that after i have done these tasks, i am allowed to order me a maid's costume. She thought first She would do a maid's dress for me, but decided not to.

i will wear cb-2000 daily while Mistress is away. i have a set of keys, but i must keep them at home, so i am totally locked by my piercing all other times. Well, on Monday the foreskin is so sore i don't use the lock on the piercing, but all other days i do. i take the cb off only for sleeping, and i have so much self control that only on third night i masturbate, not for long and of course not to a conclusion.

i browse Fetlife and other net sites, in the evenings, work on my blog and on Wednesday i start going through the maid's dresses. Sissyheaven seems the only one that produces made-to-measure dresses so i choose their design. Next i measure my body. i decide to do it with Mistress when She comes back.

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Problems with piercing

Now my piercing is 5 weeks old and as it has healed well, i must start taking it off for O/our all-family sauna times. First i take off the bead and roll the ring a full circle in the piercing. As the ring re-enters the piercing, it takes a little time until it finds the route to follow. When the first part of the ring re-emerged from the piercing hole, it pushed some ooze out of the hole. The hole has always seemed dry, so i was surprised, and thought it best to keep the ring, now without the bead, in the piercing anyway. i hid the ring with a magazine from Mats in the sauna. i remained last as i had lost time struggling with the ring. As i was showering i panicked: the ring had disappeared! i hadn't realized it can slid out so easily once you have removed the bead! i searched the sauna floor, nothing. i was already looking into the bathroom floor drain as i stumbled upon the ring on the bathroom floor. i had not heard a thing as it fell, odd. Now i had to put the ring back to the piercing after all, and it was difficult. The tunnel in the foreskin is long, and now, as the ring had been off longer, it took time and effort to find the right route for the ring. At last i succeeded but as the ring emerged from the other end of the hole, it pushed before it white matter - not much, but some. Also, the piercing was now sore.

In the evening Mistress wanted some fun, and i was made to find Her a white corset and stockings from O/our toy chest. She also made me remove the ring from my foreskin again, i had not tried to replace the bead so it was easy. She was in the last phases of Her period so instead of me licking Her i had to practise again light touches to Her breasts and somewhat more powerful caresses to Her buttocks. She made me put on a condom, foreskin back, as She wanted to give me a full orgasm as part of Her experiment and because She was going into a spa for next whole week. W/we hugged closely, and She flipped me on my back and mounted me, fucked me from above. She has great pelvic muscles and i have had some of the most mindblowing orgasms as i lay flat and motionless on my back until Her fucking triggered the orgasm. Now She wanted me to fuck Her from below, from the top, from the side and on all fours finally, until W/we both orgasmed, me a second before Her. She likes the simultaneous orgasms.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Serving Mistress and Lina

Next evening Mistress surprised me by making out with me in the bed and making me lick Her pussy thoroughly as She lied on the bed on Her back. Then She ordered me to fetch the dildo, and She proceeded to use it on Her, ordering me to lie under Her, sucking on Her nipple until She came. Now W/we had both come by O/our own hand.

The rest of the week goes in relaxed mode, but on Sunday at 10am W/we have a talk and the rest of the Sunday is strict protocol, 'second mode' as W/we call it. Now She has combined 2nd mode with calling me off. As i obey, She tells me how stupid i am, if i don't understand Her commands right. She makes me put fire in the fireplace, get more firewood, clean the living room, and plan lunch, which must be something special, it is Sunday lunch after all. i propose chili chicken, and She approves it. Next folding laundry and putting it in place. After that She takes an old toothbrush that has been downgraded as a sink brush and washes my teeth with it as a gift. i try to get hard, but because of the points of intrigue my penis nowadays knows better, and gets only semi-erect.

She allows me to start with the lunch, and orders me to make an applepie as dessert. As i begin, i notice that i have forgotten to stock U/us with beans, so i have to change to Indonesian wok with rice, Mistress approves that. As the wok cooks i prepare the applepie, so that it is ready as W/we finish eating. i also lay the table.

After She has eaten, Mistress goes to Her laptop and orders tea while that Lina hears it. (Can't get Mats up from the bed before 1pm on weekends nowadays). i am still eating but i stop that and make tea and bring it to Her, asking if i can also bring some applepie. She says yes, and Lina, doing her homework by Her side, says yes too. i bring some pie to them both, and continue my eating. As i make coffee for myself, i ask if She wants more, and She does.

Next She tells me to pay the bills and put more money on Her account. As i am doing that She comes in with a banana She has peeled. It is rotten so i'll have to eat it instead of Her.

She's going to a walk in the woods, and orders me to shop for groceries, and purchase a new bed for Lina, and after that take Mats to his hobby and go to the gym myself. i have to hurry to be able to complete all this in the 2-3 hours time allocated. As we get home, Mistress is there with a really big amount of mushrooms She has picked i the forest.
The evening goes as i clean the mushrooms and warm up the sauna.

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Into the slave mode again

In the Sunday morning Lina was on a sleepover and Mats always sleeps until 1pm in the weekends, so Mistress decided it was time for Mode 2. She didn't use any special sign, W/we just talked about it.

First She ordered me to strip everything and don the frilly small apron W/we bought from Spain. It left my whole backside naked. i had encouraged Her to show Her anger to me while i'm in drag, and as i reported to Her and knelt before Her, and told Her i took everything off but the cb with the medium PoI, She said:
-It's just right for a wanker like you. you are so stupid .

She seemed to really think that way and i just said
-'yes, Mistress'
-'Kitchen s dirty as hell, clean it up.'

i set out, scrubbing the stove well, putting all dishes into dishwasher and washing all surfaces. Mistress came by and poked my butt. i had just started washing cabinet doors as She asked me to report. After i reported, She let me continue with the doors.
She was taking bits of dirt off Her hair curler and gathering it in the sink. She told me to take the dirt away from the sink and i did it by my hands. The dirt was greasy so i had to wash the last stains off. Then She made me dissemble the plumbing under the sink and clean it. How appropriate for a half naked maid dressed in a frilly white apron to wash up the sludge from the sewers. i worked carefully, rinsing everything up many times. As i was ready, i was assigned to wash up the laundry room sink and then some juice bottles. After all this it was lunch time and She made me prepare lunch for the two of us. i prepared it with cold smoked salmon and potatoes, and W/we ate it, with me still wearing only the apron, sitting on the cold kitchen chair with my bare bum.

Then i needed to put my regular clothes on, as Mistress left to fetch Lina. The D/s mode continued the whole day. She ordered me to the gym with Her, and i had to make dinner with Her favourite dessert blackcurrant blancmange and warm up the firewood-heated sauna simultaneously. A few rounds of kitchen cleaning on top of that and i was through.

In the evening came the conclusion. She had given me a few hints earlier on that i might be made to masturbate, and in the evening She made me take off the chastity belt, put on a condom and kneel by Her. She ordered me to masturbate to a full orgasm, something She has never ordered. She wanted to experiment on a new orgasm regime for me, where regular orgasms keep my need for D/s at lower levels that are more manageable for Her. It took me surprisingly long to orgasm. i had had an orgasm 8 days earlier in O/our intercourse, and maybe that frequency is too much for me after getting used to a ruined orgasm once in 2-3 weeks only. The orgasm itself was a devastating experience, a supervised wank.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Ball stretcher weights arrive

On Friday my ball stretcher weight arrived. It was from, and they had added a custom removable bolt on either side to hang additional weights from. Mistress is not much into stretching the scorotum but using it as a weight carrier at times. The steel was of good quality. i thought they would have been ring bolts, but they were regular bolts, but it doesn't matter, i can hang weights from these bolts too.

i tried it on right away, while Mistress was partying. With the cb-2000 the effect is a bit problematic in long term use. The width of the stretcher is only 25mm, but with the cb it pushes balls back between my legs, and makes walking uneasy. It may also cause pinching of skin between the stretcher and the cb. i used it for 24 hours, also without the cb