Saturday, 3 November 2012

Ball stretcher weights arrive

On Friday my ball stretcher weight arrived. It was from, and they had added a custom removable bolt on either side to hang additional weights from. Mistress is not much into stretching the scorotum but using it as a weight carrier at times. The steel was of good quality. i thought they would have been ring bolts, but they were regular bolts, but it doesn't matter, i can hang weights from these bolts too.

i tried it on right away, while Mistress was partying. With the cb-2000 the effect is a bit problematic in long term use. The width of the stretcher is only 25mm, but with the cb it pushes balls back between my legs, and makes walking uneasy. It may also cause pinching of skin between the stretcher and the cb. i used it for 24 hours, also without the cb


  1. super-hot, especially while wearing the pink CB2k!!!

  2. Well at least someone gets to live out my fantasy