Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Into the slave mode again

In the Sunday morning Lina was on a sleepover and Mats always sleeps until 1pm in the weekends, so Mistress decided it was time for Mode 2. She didn't use any special sign, W/we just talked about it.

First She ordered me to strip everything and don the frilly small apron W/we bought from Spain. It left my whole backside naked. i had encouraged Her to show Her anger to me while i'm in drag, and as i reported to Her and knelt before Her, and told Her i took everything off but the cb with the medium PoI, She said:
-It's just right for a wanker like you. you are so stupid .

She seemed to really think that way and i just said
-'yes, Mistress'
-'Kitchen s dirty as hell, clean it up.'

i set out, scrubbing the stove well, putting all dishes into dishwasher and washing all surfaces. Mistress came by and poked my butt. i had just started washing cabinet doors as She asked me to report. After i reported, She let me continue with the doors.
She was taking bits of dirt off Her hair curler and gathering it in the sink. She told me to take the dirt away from the sink and i did it by my hands. The dirt was greasy so i had to wash the last stains off. Then She made me dissemble the plumbing under the sink and clean it. How appropriate for a half naked maid dressed in a frilly white apron to wash up the sludge from the sewers. i worked carefully, rinsing everything up many times. As i was ready, i was assigned to wash up the laundry room sink and then some juice bottles. After all this it was lunch time and She made me prepare lunch for the two of us. i prepared it with cold smoked salmon and potatoes, and W/we ate it, with me still wearing only the apron, sitting on the cold kitchen chair with my bare bum.

Then i needed to put my regular clothes on, as Mistress left to fetch Lina. The D/s mode continued the whole day. She ordered me to the gym with Her, and i had to make dinner with Her favourite dessert blackcurrant blancmange and warm up the firewood-heated sauna simultaneously. A few rounds of kitchen cleaning on top of that and i was through.

In the evening came the conclusion. She had given me a few hints earlier on that i might be made to masturbate, and in the evening She made me take off the chastity belt, put on a condom and kneel by Her. She ordered me to masturbate to a full orgasm, something She has never ordered. She wanted to experiment on a new orgasm regime for me, where regular orgasms keep my need for D/s at lower levels that are more manageable for Her. It took me surprisingly long to orgasm. i had had an orgasm 8 days earlier in O/our intercourse, and maybe that frequency is too much for me after getting used to a ruined orgasm once in 2-3 weeks only. The orgasm itself was a devastating experience, a supervised wank.

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