Monday, 19 November 2012

Maid's dress for me

So Mistress is away for this week. However She leaves me work to do: i must clean up all the rest of the mushrooms She picked and iron my mother's dress Mistress is going to wear at aparty W/we got invited. She says that after i have done these tasks, i am allowed to order me a maid's costume. She thought first She would do a maid's dress for me, but decided not to.

i will wear cb-2000 daily while Mistress is away. i have a set of keys, but i must keep them at home, so i am totally locked by my piercing all other times. Well, on Monday the foreskin is so sore i don't use the lock on the piercing, but all other days i do. i take the cb off only for sleeping, and i have so much self control that only on third night i masturbate, not for long and of course not to a conclusion.

i browse Fetlife and other net sites, in the evenings, work on my blog and on Wednesday i start going through the maid's dresses. Sissyheaven seems the only one that produces made-to-measure dresses so i choose their design. Next i measure my body. i decide to do it with Mistress when She comes back.

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