Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Problems with piercing

Now my piercing is 5 weeks old and as it has healed well, i must start taking it off for O/our all-family sauna times. First i take off the bead and roll the ring a full circle in the piercing. As the ring re-enters the piercing, it takes a little time until it finds the route to follow. When the first part of the ring re-emerged from the piercing hole, it pushed some ooze out of the hole. The hole has always seemed dry, so i was surprised, and thought it best to keep the ring, now without the bead, in the piercing anyway. i hid the ring with a magazine from Mats in the sauna. i remained last as i had lost time struggling with the ring. As i was showering i panicked: the ring had disappeared! i hadn't realized it can slid out so easily once you have removed the bead! i searched the sauna floor, nothing. i was already looking into the bathroom floor drain as i stumbled upon the ring on the bathroom floor. i had not heard a thing as it fell, odd. Now i had to put the ring back to the piercing after all, and it was difficult. The tunnel in the foreskin is long, and now, as the ring had been off longer, it took time and effort to find the right route for the ring. At last i succeeded but as the ring emerged from the other end of the hole, it pushed before it white matter - not much, but some. Also, the piercing was now sore.

In the evening Mistress wanted some fun, and i was made to find Her a white corset and stockings from O/our toy chest. She also made me remove the ring from my foreskin again, i had not tried to replace the bead so it was easy. She was in the last phases of Her period so instead of me licking Her i had to practise again light touches to Her breasts and somewhat more powerful caresses to Her buttocks. She made me put on a condom, foreskin back, as She wanted to give me a full orgasm as part of Her experiment and because She was going into a spa for next whole week. W/we hugged closely, and She flipped me on my back and mounted me, fucked me from above. She has great pelvic muscles and i have had some of the most mindblowing orgasms as i lay flat and motionless on my back until Her fucking triggered the orgasm. Now She wanted me to fuck Her from below, from the top, from the side and on all fours finally, until W/we both orgasmed, me a second before Her. She likes the simultaneous orgasms.

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