Sunday, 11 November 2012

Serving Mistress and Lina

Next evening Mistress surprised me by making out with me in the bed and making me lick Her pussy thoroughly as She lied on the bed on Her back. Then She ordered me to fetch the dildo, and She proceeded to use it on Her, ordering me to lie under Her, sucking on Her nipple until She came. Now W/we had both come by O/our own hand.

The rest of the week goes in relaxed mode, but on Sunday at 10am W/we have a talk and the rest of the Sunday is strict protocol, 'second mode' as W/we call it. Now She has combined 2nd mode with calling me off. As i obey, She tells me how stupid i am, if i don't understand Her commands right. She makes me put fire in the fireplace, get more firewood, clean the living room, and plan lunch, which must be something special, it is Sunday lunch after all. i propose chili chicken, and She approves it. Next folding laundry and putting it in place. After that She takes an old toothbrush that has been downgraded as a sink brush and washes my teeth with it as a gift. i try to get hard, but because of the points of intrigue my penis nowadays knows better, and gets only semi-erect.

She allows me to start with the lunch, and orders me to make an applepie as dessert. As i begin, i notice that i have forgotten to stock U/us with beans, so i have to change to Indonesian wok with rice, Mistress approves that. As the wok cooks i prepare the applepie, so that it is ready as W/we finish eating. i also lay the table.

After She has eaten, Mistress goes to Her laptop and orders tea while that Lina hears it. (Can't get Mats up from the bed before 1pm on weekends nowadays). i am still eating but i stop that and make tea and bring it to Her, asking if i can also bring some applepie. She says yes, and Lina, doing her homework by Her side, says yes too. i bring some pie to them both, and continue my eating. As i make coffee for myself, i ask if She wants more, and She does.

Next She tells me to pay the bills and put more money on Her account. As i am doing that She comes in with a banana She has peeled. It is rotten so i'll have to eat it instead of Her.

She's going to a walk in the woods, and orders me to shop for groceries, and purchase a new bed for Lina, and after that take Mats to his hobby and go to the gym myself. i have to hurry to be able to complete all this in the 2-3 hours time allocated. As we get home, Mistress is there with a really big amount of mushrooms She has picked i the forest.
The evening goes as i clean the mushrooms and warm up the sauna.

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