Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Slave mode Saturday

On Saturday night Mistress asks if i'm ready for Mode 2. i say i am, as it is already 6 days from my latest orgasm. i am wearing cb-2000 with large points of intrigue, foreskin ring lock to the end of the cb, and jeans and tight shirt on top of them. My crotch is epilated in the morning except for the small triangle of pubes.

First She makes me kneel and orders me to take garbage out, wash and dry the garbage bin and then make a cookie dough, and to be quick about it. As i make the dough Mistress comes by and wonders why it takes so much time. She makes me kneel again to bark at me. As i am ready, and the dough put into fridge for 10 hours, She makes me put on outdoor wear, take my wallet and cell phone and also fetch a rugsack. She takes U/us on a walk from O/our house, during the first turns it occurs to me W/we are probably going to an outdoor market, near U/us only this weekend. There She makes me follow Her and pay for Her purchases (some expensive yarn for Her handiwork).

As W/we get home, i get ordered to do some small tasks, and then prepare the lunch. She has approved my idea of cold smoked salmon with lensil-carrot sauce, but ordered also cooked carrots, corn and peas. During laying of the table She decides it's time for the Christmas theme, and i have to clear the table, and put on a red tablecloth of Her choosing, and candles. After the meal She orders green tea so that every kid hears. As i make it i start scraping the remains from an empty syrup box into my mouth. Mistress notices, and asks who allowed me to eat sweets, again kids hear. i say with a weak voice that i thought it's OK to scrape empty kitchenware... She is angry, and later makes me kneel and shouts at me for not obeying Her orders and slaps my face three times with a wooden paintbrush. Last slap hits me on the cheekbone, it stings a lot, makes me put my hand on the spot. She tells me harshly not to start weeping and sends me off. My cheeks remain red and sore.

i give Her the tea. She asks for biscuits with the tea. i give Her the cookie box. She eats the last ones, and then collects the pieces, makes me tilt my head so my mouth is up (W/we are alone now) and drops the crumbs to my mouth, makes me wait, gets the salt, and drops some salt directly to my mouth - now i may swallow. She asks if i would like some cookies. i say i would prefer chocolate pieces or ice cream. She says if i clean up the kitchen now so well She cannot find any dirty stains, i get some pieces of chocolate.
i try to do a thorough job, but as She checks out She finds dirt in a couple of cabinet doors and the fridge handle. No chocolate for me.

i follow Mistress around and She gives me various small tasks:
-'take those rotten apples from the porch to compost'
-'Get me my weaving from upstairs'.
Then She says She must not be disturbed for a long time, and mentions various tasks i must do in the mean time and makes me compile a list of them: empty dishwasher and clean up kitchen, empty washing machine when ready and put those that don't have lycra in the dryer, make Christmas menu , take care of the boat battery, make apple chisel, empty garbage bins, peel one carrot for Her, put my old magazines that i have saved in plastic bags, take them to recycling as i carry Lina to her sleepover at 5pm and make enchilados for dinner, plus sauna ready at 6pm.

That tells you how my next 3-4 hours went. i didn't dare take off my piercing ring this time, i went to sauna before the others, and did water aerobics. i fantazised about multiple slaves doing jumping jacks in the pool all with rings in their cocks. Pierced cocks are so full of symbolism. After sauna Mistress wants to have a try making Christmas cookies, i have to help and wash the surfaces that are now full of flour and dough.

Mistress decided W/we were having sex in the night, so i had to take off the ring anyway, with the help of Mistress, as She doesn't like the feel of the ring inside Her. No ooze, it is healing well. She put on a corset (the same i used some time ago) and stockings first. There was a lot of licking Her then, and She seemed to like the feel of a full flat tongue moving on Her clit very much, must take note of that. Also fucking Her with my nose in 69 position (without Her mouth on my sissy clit of course) was another favourite of Hers - She handed me a hankie to wipe my nose afterwards. First i was to make love to Her on my knees, as She sat on the edge of the bed. Then lying by Her side, and finally doggy style. My foreskin was partially covering my glans, at least the sensitive bulbous ridge that goes around it, so i did not orgasm, and Shed left me without one.

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