Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Handwashing Her used panties

This is an update on O/our Tenerife holiday. i have started using the red thong as my nightdress.i have not taken epilator with me, so i use a long time each morning to pluck my hair with tweeters. i try not to give up against the stubble, though i have never tried to keep my belly and upper thighs hairless with tweeters.

On Thursday Mistress tightens my servitude. i wouldn't dare farting in Her presence. i can also easily refrain from masturbating, even though W/we have not taken the cb with U/us. She starts to control all my eating of sweets, giving me just half of a chocolate croissant after lunch as others get a full one. Instead She has poured me a glass of red wine and made me drink it up quickly - my first taste of alcohol here. i have to prepare and serve Her some 4 cups of tea each day, and occasionally serve Her a glass of red wine according to Her whims. If W/we are alone, i curtsy after laying the cup in front of Her. After preparing each meal (breakfast and lunch are prepared by me, dinner is mostly takeaway) i have to immediately wash the dishes. In the afternoon others decide to go shopping and i am left in the apartemento, i pluck hair all the time i'm alone.

On Friday morning i “epilate” long and shower, then it's time for me to get the fresh bread. After breakfast i am allowed to go to the beach while Mats still sleeps and Mistress and Lina go shopping. Mistress and Lina join me, Lina stays with me to swim in the sea, and later Mats joins me, i write my diary and finish reading The Villa of Friday. At 2pm we have got enough and go back through a supermarket, where i buy chicken and hamburger steaks for lunch. i fry the hamburgers and chicken, and afterwards old rice, potatoes and chicken for myself. i have to eat oldest leftovers so that nothing goes to waste, but Others can eat only fresh. Then tea for Mistress, coffee for me, washing the dishes. In the evening, after a walk and reading some books, i am sent with kids to get an Indian takeaway meal. At the apartemento i lay the table, pour the drinks and W/we eat. As i am clearing the table, kids get ice creams. Instead of dessert She makes me eat all the remaining relishes, the side dish that consists mainly of fresh onion. It is difficult, but manage to get it all down! Then to sleep. She orders me to kneel and sniff and choose that pair of Her used panties that has gathered the most odour. i sniff through the panties. Most of them are surprisingly smell free but one pair has clear Mistress's smell. 'you will handwash that pair in the morning as you have then good time for that' No other explanation.

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  1. I know I'm a totally controlled sissy when the Wife goes out, and I have to spend all the time epilating!! :)
    Love the panty play and washing... mmm