Friday, 14 December 2012

Humiliating play during Tenerife holiday

Second evening i find a bright red men's thong - a thing you never normally come across - for 2 euros, and i get Mistress's permission to buy it. After W/we have eaten Indian takeaway, with me laying the table and providing the drinks, kids are tired and retire. Mistress takes me upstairs (W/we have a two floor condo) to show Her the contents of my bag. i have to get on my knees first and undress totally. i get a stiff hard-on right away. Then She orders me to take out the contents. i lay them out for Her: 9 clothespegs, 2 big clamps, 2 clover camps, ball weights, Her dildo, electric dog training collar, a leather hood with nostril holes only, a corset, stockings, a PVC skirt for Her, and 3 condoms. She thinks there's a lot of stuff there. First She orders me to show how i can make use of all the clothespegs. i put them all on my ballsac, except two on my foreskin on either side of the ring. Last one i place on the back of my ballsac. Then She orders me to add the two big clamps. i find places for them at the root of my penis, on both sides. Finally i have to put on the clover clamps on myself. i have saved my nipples in case i have to place them on me, so i touch on my nipples to get them erect (Mistress laughs on my efforts). She makes a test for me. She says She needs my weewee horizontal for it. With a little effort i can raise my penis till full mast. She puts a condom, still in its package, on top of my hard-on. i have to balance the package on my sissy clit. First it is easy, except for my penis bounces a little, the pegs and the ring at the end weighing in a pleasurable way at each bounce. As minutes go by, Mistress decides i need further challenge. She starts to manhandle the begs at my balls, twisting them and slapping them lightly. That's not a big problem, i can still balance the package, though some swaying occurs. Next She grabs the chain connecting the clover clamps and tries to hoist me off my knees by the chain. The pain is abdominal but the condom stays put.

So She decides to move on, and orders me to put the condom down for a moment, put on the electric training collar, electrodes to the front, and put my head in the leather hood and draw the zipper, hand Her the remote and replace the condom.

Now the game continues. She sends varying electric shocks to my neck, with varying intervals. i try to guess when the shock is coming, judging by the sounds i hear, but it proves unsuccessful. Each zap gets me by surprise, and makes me jerk. Anyway, the package apparently stays put, though my jerks probably put my penis in motion too. This goes on for a long time, and i still balance the condom successfully. Finally She says the package seems to be glued to my penis, as it still stays there though my penis is not horizontal any more, but pointing downward in an angle. She starts to take off the pegs, knowing how they hurt as they come off. The ones at my foreskin are soaked with precum, She doesn't want to touch them and leaves them on. The nastiest ones are the clover clamps. i whine as my nipples are freed from them and the blood returns. Finally She orders me to take off the hood and the foreskin pegs, put down the condom, and allows me to masturbate while She silently counts to 20. i start gratefully, this is my reward. However i don't dare try to edge, as She didn't mention anything about that. She continues to zap me while i jerk off, giving me finally a big jolt, which is the first to make me cry out, and orders me to stop, put everything away and put my night clothes on.

i ask Her about the setting of the last jolt: it was maximum - the only maximum jolt She gave. W/we talk about the session, and i praise Her for the idea of offsetting my pleasure with electric pain.

In the aftermath i start feeling pain in my prostate. It is an old trouble i've had. Years ago the prostate pain struck me after each orgasm. i even had my prostate examined back then by a doctor, but he found no overgrowth. As my orgasms were regulated and rare, the pain became absent and didn't hit me even after my rare full orgasms. Now that i am allowed orgasms more often, maybe the pain is coming back. As a coincidence, as my hairline is retreating, 4 months ago in August i got myself a prescription for finasterid, which is originally a drug for the overgrowth of prostate, but as a side effect stops balding. It caused some of the testosterone to change into estrogen so other side effects are breast growth and impotence. Sounds like fun. Well, my breasts have grown significantly over the last few years, but i cannot tell whether it has gained speed during the last 4 months. But what i am more interested in, is whether my prostate pain is also being cured by finasterid. Cannot tell.

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