Monday, 3 December 2012

Learning the modes

Next week goes uneventfully in Mode 1, and on Saturday Mistress is away on a fair. On Sunday She orders Mode 2 again, i make rice porridge for all, and after that Mistress wants U/us to take a walk. She decides the route, i follow, one step behind at the crossroads. Back at home She makes me iron Her skirt and my jacket and hang laundry. Then She wants U/us to go to a Christmas market in O/our town, She decides what W/we buy. Back at home, i am ordered to make lunch, and after that prepare cookie dough. This time Mats is making the cookies. There's a lot of cleaning up for me to do after that. In the evening i am allowed to do some of my professional work with my laptop, no fun. However, She asks me to prepare a bag full of S/M gear to take with me on O/our forthcoming holiday!

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