Saturday, 8 December 2012

Quality cuckolding reading

On Tuesday it's time for O/our long awaited holiday in Tenerife. i took a random book from O/our bookshelf as my travel reading, Alberto Moravia's book of short stories, Friday's villa (La villa de venedri). i was surprised to find it exactly the right reading for me. The main theme is adultery and even cuckolding. The first story is about a couple, whose wife spends all weekends with her lover. Also some S/M included. Next story is about sexual encounters of a 18-year old and a nymphomaniac wife who cuckolds his husband with a multitude of men. Also some of the following stories include cuckoldry scenery.

Mistress has informed me that all meals, shopping for groceries and handwashing dishes in O/our apartemento are for me to do.   

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  1. Have a nice holiday!!! May your Mistress enjoy it fully!!!