Sunday, 6 January 2013

A silly dance for Mistress in the red thong

Sorry for not posting, the holidays made it impossible. i continue from where W/we were left in Tenerife :

In the morning i wake up first again, and note Mistress's panties waiting for me at the floor. i pick them up and to make it more fun, make them into a ball with the crotch piece on the outside and stuck the ball in my mouth. i have not have my Wife's used panties in my mouth in a long time. i didn't remember they fill it up so tightly. In the bathroom i wash them up with dish washing liquid like She ordered. As Mistress wakes up as i am epilating, i go to Her and ask if i go and buy fresh bread. She agrees, i do my hair and shave and go. As i return, i get permission to first wash dinner dishes, then prepare tea, coffee and sandwiches.

Mistress decides W/we'll go for a walk that ends on the beach, and i'll stay there with Lina. She goes back to the hotel after the walk, as She doesn't like the hot sun. She sends Mats who just woke up, to the beach as well. Mistress has decided we'll go to a good cafe for crepes or cakes and i'll have to call Her as we are ready to go. After the waffles She sends me plain openly to supermarket and to prepare lunch at O/our apartemento. It's a hot day, They'll chill out and do some shopping while i'll be laboring away in a hot kitchen. Next day is Sunday, so i'll have to shop some extra. i'll choose 'merluza' fish to get variation to Mistress's diet. i'll fry part of that and warm up old leftover from the Indian meal and yesterday's lunch. Then i'll set the table just as They arrive. However Mistress and Lina choose to go swimming in the pool first and leave me to finish the preparations.

After the meal i have to make tea for Her. i am allowed a small pastry with coffee. Then She writes down on a piece of paper: '40 seconds free time, don't cum'. i say 'yes thank you' and head to the bathroom, drop my pants to the floor, admire my large but subjugated hard-on for a moment, move my attention to my wrist watch and start my handiwork at a suitable even second. i wank thinking of being so pussy-whipped even without cb i am in Mistress's total control and withdraw my hand exactly at 40 seconds.

In the evening W/we climb to a large hill and walk around in Los Cristianos. W/we get back home and i am sent to get lasagne takeaway portions for kids. After evening i'm quite spend. i put on the red thong. Mistress thinks it's funny, like a sexy Santa. She orders me to do a suitable dance for Her. i try a Christmas Carol, a julenissesong, She thinks it was not too great.


  1. Sounds like a most lovely holiday!

    All the best for your Mistress and you in 2013!

  2. Thanks Roland, and the same for you!