Sunday, 13 January 2013

D/s Christmas

The foreskin pain subsided quite quickly. The ring stuck in the piercing two times, but i was able to get it moving without much ado.

Last day of the holiday W/we spent a lot of time shopping. i was mostly following the others, and tried not to interfere too much to their whims (like chocolate with churros). i was then sent ahead of the others to buy groceries and prepare lunch, and the merluza lunch with whole-grain rice was about ready as They entered. After lunch i started packing the bags, and then i got time to wonder in the city on my own.

W/we returned home right before Christmas.

Oh, Christmas Eve! Yesterday i went shopping with the list i made two weeks ago, and got all the food needed. In the morning i woke up to alarm at 6.30, and started making mashed swedes. Then i epilated, the first time after the trip, and did a thorough job. It took maybe an hour. i put on the cb, made sweet rice porridge, which is the traditional Christmas eve dish, and started with salmon mousse. At 9.15 Mistress hadn't woken up yet, so i edited my blog. She got up at 10, and came downstairs dressed to kill: a very tight above knee skirt, that showed Her perfectly shaped ass, black tights - i asked whether they were tights or stockings - and short-sleeved silk shirt. She ordered me first to change into more formal attire. She told me that Her period had started a few days early - a pity, She had not used me for a week.

i laid the table. i needed to ask Her what tablecloth She wanted, so i had waited until She woke up. Mistress had decided about the schedule also. At 12 i was to serve glogg and non-alcoholic version for kids and dinner will be at 2 pm. i continued with the salmon mousse, and prepared 2 mushroom sallads (one without cream for Her), brie salad, continued with the turkey and made warmed wine and served each one going around the living room holding a tray in my hands.

After that little pause, with Mistress taking me with Her outside to chill a moment in O/our pergola, i completed the salads, cook the Brussels sprouts, cut the turkey, ham and lamb, cold smoked salmon and fresh salted salmon, laid the table, warmed mother-in-law's carrot cassarole and a ready beetroot cassarole, and started with the chocolate mousse, and had time to finish it though one egg yellow fell into the bowl with the egg whites and it broke while i took it away.

Finally i asked Mistress to come and inspect the table. She came in Her hot costume that kept me hot too. i asked if i should move the mousse into a tidy bowl, but She approved the bowl where i had combined the ingridients. The clock was already 2pm. Mistress noted that the salads were missing spoons, and She ordered me to take out wines, red Christmas wine for Her and cheap white for me. As She was inspecting, i was washing the kettles, clearing meal preparation supplies into dishwasher, and finally washing the surfaces and sink until also the sink trap was emptied into the bin. a slave's job is not over before also the sink trap is cleaned!

We ate, and i thought everything was superb, but She noted turkey was just satisfactory.

After W/we had eaten, She helped me (!) to clear the table, and announced W/we will retire for a nap in the bedroom. i honestly did not know at all, if She meant it literally or if She was preparing an hour of fun. Upstairs She tossed me a blanket and told me to get under it in the bed. She joined me soon, and hugging each other W/we soon fell into peaceful sleep. In my sleep i felt my cock filling every nook and cranny of the cb - i was not used to sleeping with cb-2000 on. My foot was under Her, and going dead and woke me up after some time of sound sleep. i started to move my foot, but noticed Mistress had woken up too. She ordered me to squeeze Her butt. Her skirt was so tight Her butt felt like rock. i also felt Her thighs, She encouraged that too. She turned Her ass on me and had me hump Her butt with my cb'ed tool. It felt wonderful. My cock is normally never trying to get hard in my cb which is always equipped with points of intrigue. On the other hand Mistress has normally removed cb for sexual play. Now She seemed to have no intention of doing so. The humping fooled my cock and the points started to dig into my poor flesh. She was not satisfied, though i was in severe pain. She ordered me on my back and opened Her shirt a button at a time, took out Her warm tit and had me suck Her nipple. That sent the pain over the top. She let me leave, with an order to fill Her waterglass by Her bed and go make Her tea. My stroll was really crippled, i moved like a hunchback, my cock showing no interest in shrinking back to allowed size, points still bothering. i asked if i could shower my cock with ice cold water. She said i could do whatever i wanted to get back in basic dimensions. i started cooling my hot private parts, and thought i was making progress. However the water was making me need to pee. i tried, but the urethra was blocked because of my hard-on. The feeling was so bad, i asked Mistress the keys, and She let me open the cb. my penis sprang up right away, and now the points caused even more horrible pain until i could carefully remove the points. Now my penis was rock hard because of the a-ring, but i could pee. Oh what a relief. Mistress came to watch me shower the whole length of it with cold water. i was allowed to start making tea and coffee without cb, and fitted it back as the erection had subsided.
Before opening presents She still sent me to take out garbage.


  1. What a wonderful Christmas eve report! Many thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds like it was a great Christmas and i recognise all too well the discomfort you felt with the chastity device when aroused. You might want to try warm water next time rather than cold though. Most of the discomfort is caused by the testicles contracting against the A-ring as you get aroused and cold water will only make that worse. This is because they seek to try to regulate their temperature at a certain level and the cold water makes them contract further seeking the warmth of your body. Warm water, however, will help to relax them back to their normal state, i find a hot shower helps.


  3. Thanks Pet, i will have to try that out next time! Sounds understandable.