Thursday, 31 January 2013

i must remember to clean the sink

In the morning i decide i epilate daily only half of my epilated areas, either the crotch and genitals or belly and thighs. But, but. i have forgotten to wash the bathroom sink, so there are hairs when Mistress comes to use the bathroom. A majesty offence. She surprises me and makes me lick the sink clean and swallow the hairs! Then She sends me off to do snow work again, as there is new snow. She reminds of the quality standards She set yesterday. She has become so stern!

She keeps me pretty occupied during the day, which is the last of Christmas holidays. She has a big information gathering job for me. She makes me find out email addresses of Her acquaintances. It takes hours. i am allowed to take a break to go buy groceries, and then warm up lunch. After coffee it's back to googling addresses under the supervision of Mistress. After more long hours She finally allows me to stop and hurry to make dinner and finish the strawberry cake. She comes to my aid and warms up sauna.In the sauna She again instructs me to do full program of water aerobics.

After the sauna She sends me to pay Her bills with computer. In the evening i surf the net and as the cb has not been replaced, i masturbate a little, sorry!   

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