Thursday, 10 January 2013

Supervised masturbation in the leather hood

Next day starts with me making Mistress tea and sandwiches, then coffee and sandwiches for me, and getting a new bread for the kids. i am to go with the kids to a waterpark, where i have to go to many slides with the kids. i get totally under water many times and it's fun for the kids. As we get home, i have to make a dinner for all. OMG this merluza is a great fish, have to look it up as W/we get home.

i have taken the foreskin ring off for the waterpark, fearing a big washroom/changeroom. There was none, so i took it off for vain, but putting it back after 6 hours was pain, and exhausting. i could not get the ring in at all. Then i got two small sewing needles and pushed them into the piercing, no problem - well maybe i draw a little blood accidentally. i tried to grease the ring and open the piercing by pushing the two needles into different directions, but no avail. Finally, by keeping the two needles in the piercing and pushing them out with the ring i manage to get part of the ring in. But no matter how i try, i cannot push it through. This is the problem with my foreskin piercing: the piercing route is very long as it was made horizontally along the skin. Mistress comes in to use the bathroom, says kids are wondering why daddy's so long time in the bathroom. She says i should move to O/our bedroom. i try to push the other end of the ring into the other end of the piercing, and finally it comes out altogether and i am in the starting point. i am exhausted, and the piercing is getting raw.

i move to the bedroom, and after a new try with the bulkier ends of the needles, and stretching the piercing and pushing the needles out by the ring i finally succeed. It seems near the other end there was some kind of blockage emerging, but finally the ring is all the way in, and i ask Mistress to repclace the captive bead ring as it requires me to draw on the ends of the ring, and Mistress simultaneously stuffing the ball in place.

Now the piercing is so sore i missed the evening walk with the family and took a painkiller. There's more pain than when it was new. Now i lie down and write this down.

After the walk, as W/we were preparing to go to bed, there was a new surprise. Mistress pointed the floor in front of Her making me kneel there, said
-'How's your weewee doing, is it totally useless?'
i said it is OK, and got demanded to undress totally and give Her the toy bag. From the toy bag She produced the ball gag, collar and ankle bracelets, tossed the bracelets for me to fix on myself, took the gag, which meant i brought my open mouth nearer, took the ball in my mouth and bent my neck helping Her to violently yank it closed. Then She opened the collar, inviting me to press my neck against it. Again She yanked it closed so violently She choked me a bit while doing it. Then She asked if i could play with myself, and i said i could, even not in the normal manly way. She said i could play with myself and cum if i could, before She stops me. i started quickly, rubbing the underside only, as the piercing side was too tender. Quite soon She stopped me and i thought it was over. She took the leather hood, draped it over my head and closed the zipper. i was no in its dark confines again. Merely i heard Her say, 'you can continue'. And i did, happily, kneeling in the dark with my hairless crotch except for the triangle of pubes, ball keeping my mouth crudely opened, tight collar round my neck, foreskin ring going back and forth with my stroking. i was as humiliated as happy and accelerated stroking the underside of my cock until i was at the edge, and continued a bit after that, taking my hand away as the spasms began. They were strong, i felt spurts, but i kept myself at standard upright kneeling positions, hands at sides, during the orgasm that i deliberately ruined. One of the spasms was so strong it made me quiver and bend my knees slightly. Mistress took away the hood, the ball gag and the collar, yanking on them again.
-'Clean up that mess you created!'
-'Yes Mistress, thank you Mistress' i saw a surprisingly big pool of semen on the floor in front of me. The tease and the long build-up must have increased the amount. i knew not to lick it up, i got some hankies and wiped it off (needed two hankies), only then licked the floor clean.  

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  1. Loving your blog, I am in a very similar role and have recently started my own blog for my Goddess, would be grateful if you could add it to your blog list as I am unsure of how to have followers?!

    Keep blogging!!