Friday, 25 January 2013

Supervised masturbation without hands

Boxing Day started with me hanging the two locks and the toilet brush again from the foreskin piercing. Now i managed to carry the items all the while that i was shaving and doing my hair. For epilation and plucking ball hairs i took them out, but continued to hang the two locks. i only locked myself in the cb with one lock after the epilation as i wanted my penis to settle for a moment first. i used half an hour in the net searching more pictures.

Mistress woke up, W/we hugged warmly, She made me make Her tea, and grabbed my ass and cb while i was making it! i served it with a curtsey. Then i sat at Her feet and removed all my trousers, to put on the other lock. First i asked Mistress if She agrees that the cb'ed penis looked cute, She said She disagrees, She likes an erect penis better. A pity. Then i showed Her how i locked the piercing lock.

She is always cutting my hair, i have not used a barber for years. She uses a home barber set, shaver and hairdresser's scissors. Now She decided She will cut it and made me get the stuff ready. She shaved my neck as i was on all fours on the floor. Sexy! Now my hair is short cropped again.

W/we have a hobby room in the basement. There is a sink that nobody cleans, with traces of paints, glue etc. After i had fetched more firewood in, She ordered me to go clean it up, and also the sewer pipe. From 10am to 12am of Boxing Day i spent spooling the sink pipe, and brushing the stainless steel sink until all stains were removed. i used my fingernails, any tools that wouldn't scrape the steel surface. Especially my thumb nail turned out great.

As i was ready i reported and was sent to take out Christmas foods and lay the table. As W/we ate, She was quicker. That meant the rest of my meal was interrupted by orders to make Her tea, write things on the shopping list etc. i must complete all orders right away, my meal is second to everything else.

For some reason i was very horny, my sissy clit strained against its bonds as i drank coffee and updated my diary.

Soon my job was interrupted as Mistress ordered more tea. She wanted me to stay on me knees by Her as She reclined on the sofa, and serve as Her teacup holder! i held out one hand, and on the palm She rested the teacup. i mentioned to Her that being Her teacup holder, human furniture, was one of my fantasies i have written about. She said that's not much of a fantasy. She kept me kneeling for Her a long time, until my hand was tiring and i had replaced it with my other hand. Then She ordered me to fill the stereo with some of Her favourite music, and get back as Her tea holder after that, getting Her the TV guide and putting more things that come to Her mind on the shopping list. Teacup is empty, She awaits me to take it to the dishwasher now. As i am in kitchen i also prewash an oven form that has been soaking, put it into dishwasher along with some dishes and put the soaking water into other badly dirty dishes. Then i may sit by Her feet on the floor and continue the diary as She makes drafts in Her notebook.

She stops my musings by ordering me to continue with the big strawberry cake i should have ready by tomorrow, and to prepare something new to eat using elements from the Christmas menu. i suggest two pastas: a ham pasta and a salmon pasta. Accepted. While the sponge cake is in the oven i wash some shelves and rearrange some stuff after Mistress have approved the idea. i stop only to eat pasta with the Others and then clean the kitchen up including the sink trap, as well as i can. Then i report to Mistress. She says as a reward maybe W/we will go out for one hour to get exercise. She however doesn't think i did a good job cleaning kitchen and makes me fetch broom and dustpan to sweep the floor. She also checks the basement sink now and says it is cleaner now than when W/we bought the house.

It's time for the reward. She orders me to come out with Her and supervises and helps me clear O/our pathway of snow. It is really tiring and takes most parts of an hour - it has snowed a lot today. She orders me to continue at a lower pace and do a good job. As i would have liked to stop, She orders me to kneel, press my face to the snow and roll it cheek to cheek in the snow, and She helps by pressing my head with Her boot. This happens in front of O/our garage! Probably nobody saw anything as the garage blocks view of all but one neighbour.

W/we watch TV for a while. The only break comes when She orders some apple juice. i am allowed to watch TV and update the diary simultaneously.

Later i kneel in the bedroom. She orders me to undress but doesn't let me open the cb. my penis has tried to swell many times today, i don't know why. i know why it tries to swell now, kneeling naked. She keeps me kneeling knees wide, and kicks lightly my balls. i nearly topple over, i am very much afraid of any further pain as the points of intrigue are digging into my semi-erection.

Finally She allows me to take off the cb. i succeed though it is not easy. my penis is ready to burst into erection, it is bulging through the bars. my hardon prevents me from removing the A-ring that stays on like a penis ring. i go to toilet, and finally manage to remove the ring.

Nowadays i open first the original lock, slide the cage along the shaft a bit and then open the piercing lock. Actually i think now one of the locks is unnecessary. The pierced penis head is so tender it is difficult to push it through the rigid A-ring. If i would have pulled out, it would take much time to push it back in, maybe i couldn't do it at all. On the other hand if i used only the cock cage and piercing lock without a-ring, that would be a sufficient chastity against adultery at least.

W/we talk about wishes and prizes. i say i don't await a prize as big as being allowed to masturbate normally. Something less than that would be enough. She asked what i mean, and i explain masturbating without hands, penis between my thighs. She has also made me hump the floor once. Then there is cumming in a small cup, for instance - very humiliating as you have to concentrate. Oh, and masturbating holding a penny on top of your nose, standing or maybe kneeling with uncooked rice taped to your knees. If the penny drops, fun stops. She says my sissy clit skin is so sticky a penny would stay there forever.

Anyway, She chooses to let me show masturbating between my thighs. She asks when i have had time to try it out. i say i don't remember, a long time ago, i think that is true. i ask if i can remove my thong, but no, i can't. i settle on my side on the floor by the bed, put my hands to my neck, they are not needed. i try to catch my penis between my thighs, but the thong prevents it. She allows me to hump my thighs for a generous time. i do fucking movements on my side, but no matter how i try by crossing my legs again and again, i cannot get any friction to my clit. Finally She orders me to sleep.

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