Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Weights on the foreskin ring

Christmas Day

my foreskin piercing is healing well. In the morning i tried fixing weigths to the ring. i had previously only tried with hanging the two cb locks in the ring. This time i also hung the toilet brush as extra weight. However it prevented epilation, as i try to epilate so that i see individual hairs against the white enamel sink. So i took it out after taking some humiliating pictures, some with my sissy clit erect, and carrying a large toilet brush, some with the dick limp, and drawn down by the weight. i kept the locks in the ring all through the epilation. As i was ready to put on the cb, like i always do after the epilation, i noticed the locks were wet as hell. All the precum had leaked on the locks. i washed them and locked myself in, now also locking the foreskin lock though it hurt somewhat, before it got used to being locked.

W/we had been essentially in Mode 2 whole Xmas Eve, i was excited at my life and as Mistress had woken up (very late) and i asked Her right after W/we had hugged whether W/we would now be in Mode 1 or 2. That was a mistake, Mistress said She was still so tired after just waking up that She's not going to do any decisions. So W/we were in Mode 1 and i went to my laptop. Later i came to Mistress to say that probably She doesn't object me surfing the net while W/we are in Mode 1. She said not, but that i should not be only interested in sex. i said if She would give me full orgasms that would help. She said She meant to give me that last time, but i deliberately ruined it. i said i was not sure what She wanted, and to be on the safe side ruined it - or maybe i wanted to interpret Her order that way.

As W/we were in Mode 1 She said She was going on a long walk and i was allowed to accompany Her. i genuinely thought about it and decided to go with Her. Anyway it meant following the route She chose. Gradually W/we flowed into Mode 2, as W/we got back She had me hang Christmas lights outside, then i had to lay the table for dinner, prepare another chocolate mousse, this time using egg yellows - i'm quite good cook now. i also arranged O/our dried herb collection. Then i had to warm up sauna, and She ordered me to do water aerobics, though made me stop before i was finished, and had me provide pedicure for Her with new tools She got as Christmas present. After sauna She said She doesn't have chores for me, so i suggested i could make up 10 ideas what She could have me do at times nothing has to be done.
It took me a lot of time, as i started reading my D/s text collections to find suitable ideas, and some were so fun i masturbated a little, as after sauna i had not replaced the cb. Well, not to conclusion of course. When the list was ready, She said it was too late and just made me change bed linen and take a mattress to Lina's sleepover friend.
The list:
1) have me do something from the long term to do list of not acute chores
2)make me put on a corset and stockings under regular clothes
3) make me give myself an *** enema
4) put some tabasco in my asshole/glans
5) make me tend to Your shoes
6)spit in slave's mouth
7) slap(s) on slave's cheek
8) make me masturbate in bathroom (different variations)
9) make me put on the smallest butt plug and (only) tights to help keep it in
10) put / make me put after shave on my balls

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