Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Dark cloud & Drinking from the cat's bowl

Next week goes in Mode 1. During Mode 1 W/we somehow drift apart, the connection between U/us goes thin, and during 30th Dec W/we get into another dark conversation during which She says She doesn't want intercourse with me any more, and i realize it is many weeks since the last time. She says She has not fully mended from the quarrel on 10th Nov. And that She doesn't get mentally enough from my company.

During New Year's Eve, as W/we had already fired all our fireworks, and were snuggling up in O/our bed, She invited my hand to Her side of the bed and i started squeezing Her butt. She said what i could do with my hands, She forbid me to touch Her pussy. i kept squeezing Her butt, thighs, then lightly sweep Her nipples. Finally i started squeezing the buttocks so that my hands were close to Her pussy and brushing lightly there by each squeeze. Now She allowed me to get my foreskin ring off, get a condom and put it on. i also undressed as i got back to bed and inserted my sissy clit from behind. i was too excited and had to slow down and stop many times and withdrew once. i turned on top of Her as She lay on Her stomach. Lots of skin contact. She was so warm under the sheets. She raised Herself, wanted to Her favourite doggy position. It ended in a simultaneous orgasm at 3am New Year's Day.

In the morning She ordered Mode 2 and had me keep fire in the fireplace and warm up the sauna, clean up the kitchen, get new firewood from the shed and put washed clothes out to dry while She went for a walk. As i had done all chores, i hurried to update my blog for a while before She returned. She ordered me to find battery loader for a flashlight, and as i cried out to Her that i cannot find it because the cabinet where She told me i'd find it is a mess, She ordered me to the bathroom where She was. i knew i was in for trouble, and kept apologizing for shouting to Her from another room. She said that She believes my apologizies if i first drink from the cat's water bowl. i ha to do it for a long time, extending my lips to the surface and sucking.

Then i was ordered to make fajitas lunch. After the lunch i had to clean up kitchen, and bring Her two servings of tea and sweets into the sauna bathroom which She heated by opening the door to sauna, and where She now reclined. i was ordered to join Her there and do some writing work of mine there. At Her command W/we went and sat in the sauna for some more heat. i hid my ringed sissy clit covered with my hand while Mats was there. Next i had to make a warm smoked salmon dinner with vegetables and cooked potatoes after Her wishes. Unfortunately no nightly fun, as She went to bed as we were still watching a movie with Mats.  

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