Sunday, 24 February 2013

Very restricted supervised masturbation session

Next day mother-in-law woke up already while i was epilating. BTW, each morning i also empty cat's litter box, and clean up bathroom and kitchen so they shine. i got the paper and laid breakfast table, put fire in the fireplace as it was really cold out and inside as well. As Mistress woke up, it was Mode 2 right away. i made Her tea, She reclined everything else, made me empty the washing machine, shower house plants etc etc. i reported after each chore and got a new one. Fetched new firewood, brushed floors. Then She made me finish the data collection task i started a week ago. She found out a new fun way to do it. The laptop was put on the table in the laundry room, and i was made to do the task kneeling on the tiles. That could be the right way to use Fetlife and other kinky sites: on my knees! As i had the email address list ready for Mistress and She was giving me next commands i look at Her over my glasses. That gained a slap on my nose and a 'Look at me in a normal way!'.

Then She figured it was time for lunch and i started to make enchilados, laid the table, clearing kitchen of cooking dishes, and made empanados for dessert. Mistress had to specifically ask me to sit on the table and finish them after eating. It was a good meal, and i cleared the table, finished the empanados, laid coffee table as They were going through summer photos. After coffee and tea and empanados which earned me positive credit, She ordered me with Her to the gym. As W/we came back from the gym it was time to warm up sauna right away. i had still slaved away the best i could, and i said to Her i have tried my best today, not doing anything without Her permission. She said She has noticed, but i hadn't brushed the sauna floor. i apologized sincerely. She said i am allowed to suggest one prize and one punishment (session). i was just going to sauna where Mats already was, so I had removed my cb for sauna. She said i can skip the water gym session as i already worked myself. i got immediately a hard-on, and had to wait for it to settle down before joining Mats in the sauna.

i made up a session which could be used both as a reward or a punishment with slight differences. i did some experiments and provided the following in writing:

1) Put (or have put) clamps in some of the following places: nipples, balls, perineum

2) Put clothespins in some of the following places: earlobes (easy), tongue (hard), lips (underlip semihard, upper lip hard), nostrils (semihard), balls (easy)

3) make me kneel with a stool between my legs, and bend my penis bent backwards on the stool. Bind my ankles to the hindlegs of the stool and my wrists to the forelegs and bind my foreskin ring back to the stool so that i'm immobile.

4) grease my balls with deep heat

5) IF  THIS  IS  A  PRIZE release my hand and have me edge by only stroking my penis only HORIZONTALLY or tapping it with my fingers

6) beat up my ass with a riding crop or my genitals with a penis whip

7) IF  THIS  IS  A  PRIZE repeat 5) with possibility for a ruined orgasm.

She noticed i wrote this down, but She made me wait until half past ten until She read it. i said to Her what i wrote was one of my top fantasies. She told me to stop talking about that and lay the supper table again, make tea, wait for the women to come to the table and volunteer to eat oldest leftovers myself, now with Her mother seeing. Then i had to wait standing in attention as She brushed Her teeth and used the toilet. i tried to speed up things by taking toy chest keys out and finding a shoelace that could be used to fix my foreskin ring to the stool.

As She joined me She ordered me to change O/our sides of the bed. i had to move Her better pillows and blankets to my side, then all Her stuff from the top of the toy chest that serves as Her bedside table to my side, and finally change my stuff from a big cupboard into a small drawer She was using. She said She doesn't want Her stuff put on the floor any more to open the toy chest - from now on it's my stuff that will go - She wants more room for Her stuff. Next She made me get Her nail polish from other end of the house, and Her fungus lotion and She made me grease Her the gaps between Her toes with the lotion and wash my hands while She applied the nail polish. Finally She told me to get Her a glass of water on Her bedside table.

Suddenly She ordered me to lock the door and take out 3 heavy duty clamps from the toy chest. As i was offering them to Her, i asked permission to say one thing. She granted it and i asked whether i should get the deep heat from the bathroom first. She said She has no intention of touching my balls, so no. i didn't dare suggest i can grease my own balls.

She ordered me to kneel and fix the clamps on my perineum. It turned out a difficult job to fit 3 clamps there. i had to put them in a row. Next She ordered me to take clothespins, and... put one on my tongue and two on my ears. i discreetly checked the strength of the clothespeg springs as i put on the pegs on my ears, and found that i could stand the pain best if i put the weakest peg near the side of my tongue. However it bit me hard, and made me speech nearly impossible (not that i was going to do a lot of talking, though). Next She inquired about the stool, and i confirmed i meant the stool in O/our bedroom. She ordered me to move it over to my new bedside. As i rose to move it She noticed my hardon and thought it now impossible to bend it backwards any more. From my nearly nonunderstandable blabber She heard me say 'it doesn't matter'. Next She ordered me to fix myself to the stool and grunt when i am ready. She was not going to bind me. i took leather bracelets and fixed them on my ankles and wrists and noticed i couldn't help but drool if my head was down. i bent my hardon back and backed so the backs of my thighs were touching the stool. i withdrew my hand and felt the topside of my penis pushing down against the seat of the stool. i fixed the bracelets to the stool legs with straps, and could fix my all limbs, as the bracelets give a bit of movement freedom. i totally forgot to fix my foreskin ring to the stool.

The position was far from easy. My head was pressing against the floor. i tried to move it but my ear with the peg was now pressed between my head and the hard floor. Now nothing happened. i was happy to be able to swallow my saliva again, cheek to the floor, head sideways. She kept me waiting, unsure what will still happen, for at least 10 minutes. i still tried to move my head a bit, but couldn't ease myself. The peg in my tongue and the other clamps didn't bother me as much as the overall awkward position.

Finally She asked me to grunt if the peg in my tongue was bothering me. As it actually didn't, i remained silent. Then She released my left hand and told me to edge, reading from the paper, 'with horizontal strokes'. So no tapping today. i move clumsily so that my upper body rests on my right shoulder and i can reach my behind, and start stroking. Fast, clumsy strokes, it's so difficult with the wrong hand. i go on and on. Sometimes i get progress, by stroking at the frenum and spreading the precum already flowing there. Sometimes i get frustrated and it feels like the precum is drying somewhere back there, out of my sight. i cannot even see anything as i masturbate in this restricted way, on Her command. Finally i have to move my head and shoulders again, and i just have to take my hand away while i do it. Mistress asks what it is, and i say i just cannot get to the edge this time. Anyway, it's just a couple of days since i cummed. i think it's just right i am allowed to masturbate only so slightly that only after long chastity i can bring myself to the edge. She orders me to stop and free myself and put everything away. Time to go to sleep, with blue balls.

i thank Her and comment that it would have been a failure if i could have edged only after two days since full orgasm. She says angrily that She will ask if She wants a comment from me.

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  1. Omg... this is so hot! Love the picture of you bent over, struggling to control your saliva, making grunting sounds, as She enjoyed the show!