Friday, 1 March 2013

A day of slavery, no rewards

Next day i laid out supper table soon after i came from work, at least now Her mother noticed i was doing extraordinarily much. As i thank my Wife for a wonderful session, again She wants no referring to the session. That evening Her mother went back home.

It is time for the last winter holiday. i note it's going to be something special as i ask Mistress if i can read part of the morning paper i have just fetched and She says i can read yesterday's paper. She's a strict Mistress today. If i am not completing an order, She keeps me waiting, standing at attention. i try to exaggerate, by keeping my elbows to my sides, wrists angled outward and fingers straight, thumb and the rest of the fingers separated, but She denies angrily overdoing it. i fear Her wrath, and settle for attention, or kneeling up if She is sitting or otherwise down, looking down expressionless, until as She talks to me, when i look at Her in the eyes and smile. At least that's what i try.

First She makes me divide laundry by colour and bring whites down to laundry room. i nearly run as i go, my penis bulging in its tiny prison. i work a lot as Her courier, She is arranging Her stuff, and quite a lot has to be taken upstairs from basement . i also work as Her teacup holder again. At times She tests my patience and keeps me waiting a long time for next order. i exist for Her orders only, i don't have control of anything that happens during the day. In the morning i had no idea i would be sitting in Her study, cutting old shirts to shreds. She supervises me and does less menial work Herself. At 1pm She starts to get hungry, and sends me to make lunch. As i stand up, She notes i have only little left of that sleeve i'm cutting, and She orders me to sit down again and finish it.

i make mushroom soup for Her, we others eat old food. i don't like it, but i have to eat rest of the minced meat sauce made for the kids. i apologize Mistress for a minor mistake (can't remember what it was). Lina notices and says 'You are her lowlist servant' - a saying she has heard somewhere. Lina adds:'you should be also my servant.' Mistress:'I have done most of the homework when you kids were small, it's only fair he's doing most of it now'.

i thank Mistress for each command, as each command is precious attention She's giving me. i also curtsey as i have completed each order and report back to Her, unless there are kids around. However, She gives me direct orders like to a waitress even when the kids hear. Like after lunch:

-'I want black tea with milk in my study'.

i thank (very silently if kids are there), and prepare it, while cleaning up kitchen altogether from the mess my cooking caused. As She gets Her tea, and i curtsey (She never thanks me, it's always for me to thank Her only), She says She's got so boring company (meaning me) that She wants Her radio moved here. i walk and run the stairs up to get it and switch Her favourite channel on. After that i will stay in Her study to cut more shreads, hours long. Then She gets hungry again and i'm sent to kitchen to prepare a serving of cake, tea and milk to U/us and the kids with their friends. After i have cleared the tea servings, Mistress says She will use my dog nose now. There has been bad smell in two of our toilets and She sends me to sniff around in them and report about the source of the smell. i do it thoroughly, and Lina and her friend see me lying on wc floor, head to the sewer pipe.

After my report She surprises me by 'It's time to go out. Put on your warmest clothes' It's the coldest weather, -16 degrees celsius. i must now follow Her to an evening walk in the nearly arctic weather. Face gets like frozen immediately. She fortunately decides to take a shortcut through a forest, and eventually the walk is quite short. i should be nearly at Her right side, a little behind, but lag at the crossroads further back so that i don't get on Her way if She decides to turn right. Once i assume She's turning left, and stay at Her side, but She does surprisingly turn right, to a beach, so i have to stop in my steps and apologize. As W/we near home, She stays outside in the pergola and sends me in to warm up sauna and prepare evening food and prepare Her lunch box for tomorrow. As she helps Herself to some sweets from a chocolate box, She gives me one, and says 

- 'so much easier for you now, no need to make decisions'. 

After the sauna and my water aerobics She relaxes a bit and allows me to watch TV with Her for a couple of hours, but then again, where's no time for intimacy in bed after that.   

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