Saturday, 23 March 2013

As Her teacup holder

Next day W/we were in Mode 1, but i asked Her permission to eat some chocolate and She declined it and told me to eat a small pastry instead. Anyway, i was so addicted to sweet i took a little from my own Christmas present chocolate without telling Her, sorry.

She has cold feet in bed and ordered me to warm them up. i moved towards Her feet so She could press the soles of Her feet against my belly, and massaged Her feet and legs. i had to continue until She took Her feet away, but i was satisfied as She said this was luxury.

Sometimes locking my foreskin ring with a lock between the ring and the end of my cb-2000 makes my penis sore. It is caused by pinching. i tried locking the ring to the top bars also that go vertically along the cock cage. That didn't help. i think it's best to lock it to the end (B-ring) of the cb, and draw the foreskin back when you lock it. When foreskin covers the glans, the pinching problem starts. It is not a big problem and it may be even considered a suitable predicament for the male slave to be in chastity through a piercing in its male member. So locked i am, aware of my locked ring even now.

Being Mistress's teacup holder is becoming one of O/our most important rites. She sits on the sofa, knitting and watching TV. i will kneel by Her, facing Her, not TV, and keeping Her teacup on my palm. She takes it from there when She needs a sip. Today Lina came to the living room, and i just continued as Her teacup holder, pretending to be reading a paper at the same time so that it wasn't so obvious to her. She finds in a magazine two interesting recipes: an Indian veggie dish with lentils, and another: filled onions. She orders me to get ingredients and make Her both during the weekend. In the evening, as i think i am allowed to bed, She still sends me to handwash Her undies that She wants to wear tomorrow. i go downstairs to the laundry room and wash them in the sink, with a little washing powder, attending especially to the crotch piece.

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