Monday, 22 April 2013

Cleaning the toilet with a toothbrush

Next Saturday shows O/our problems seem to be over: Mistress is taking on a new, more demanding attitude. She's now finally accepting my submission from a dominant position. It was showing already on O/our earlier holidays and it's repeated again today.

She demands me to be at Her disposal the whole day, and now i succeed in lasting the whole day. Earlier i've been slipping in the evening.

She has made Herself a list of chores, and She deals me out one at a time. First She informs W/we are going to take stuff to charity and do some shopping, and orders me to warm up the car (It's the hardest winter in south Norway for years, minus 20C). i do the groceries and She does other shopping. As W/we get home it's time for me to start preparing Her veggie dish and then i make a sausage stroganoff for the others, lay the table, clean up kettles etc. She demands i use serving dishes, not just put the food on the table in kettles and stuff.

After lunch She starts preparing Her own tea, as i'm still eating, but says
-'There's no need for two cooks', points at Her tea pot and leaves for Her study.
Kids were there, so She wanted to avoid a direct command. i prepared Her tea, and as i brought it to Her She sent me first to pay the bills on my computer, check out bus timetables and call my daddy about his visit next week. He takes the bus. Then it was time to take care of the smelly toilets. Last weekend i found the probable source of the smell, and now She ordered me to take old toothbrushes and strong chemicals and brush the little crack where the water runs to the toilet bowl with the toothbrushes, and also clean thoroughly a few other possible cracks and do it thoroughly. i made sure the toothbrush (not my own toothbrush, luckily) went over all of the crack and i continued until it stayed white during the brushing. i have to report my success after each toilet, and as all is ready, She makes me cut Her some more shre
ds in Her study, and then warm up sauna.

In the sauna, as W/we are alone, She makes me kneel and lick Her used washcloth, then wash it. After that She orders me to do full set of water aerobics.

After sauna She's working in Her study and gives me free time. i go to net immediately. Later She informs W/we are going to bed and i follow in Her trail upstairs.

As She is in the bed i ask to join Her, but She points to the floor. She keeps me kneeling on the floor a long time, showing no interest to me, just reading Her book on glass houses. Finally She orders me to remove my thong. i kneel there with just my t-shirt on as She orders me to give Her my wrist watch. i do that, next She orders me to masturbate until She orders me to stop. She is looking at the watch. She lets me masturbate for 45-60 seconds, i don't know how long it was. i knew i was allowed to edge at least or maybe even orgasm, but i couldn't even edge in that timeframe. She is surprised of that. She continues reading as i kneel and wait by the bed, naked from the waist down, full erection, foreskin ring as a crown on my glans. Then She takes the watch again and She says She gives me another shorter chance. i try even more vigorously than before, and i am quite near as She tells me
She gives me permission to comment and i say the reason for my poor performance is because of just a little more than a week has passed since i had experienced an orgasm, and i only would have needed some 20-30 seconds more. She makes me kneel some more before letting me to bed.

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