Monday, 6 May 2013

Lina getting more insight

Nobody but me is more interested in porridges, and Mistress doesn't have anything else for breakfast but a big mug of tea, so my morning chores have become easier this winter. i only epilate, every other day the stomach and thighs and every other the crotch and ass crack. i pluck the ball sac with tweezers. Then i only get the paper and may go to net until Mistress wakes up. Unless She has given me special orders, like on Sunday, as i have to take warm water bottles to the compost to keep it from freezing over.

After tea Mistress orders me as a surprise to pack my bag, as W/we are going to the gym. i am in no position to comment what i think of going to the gym in the morning, i just do as She tells me. Afterwards i prepare lunch, warming up old stuff, and She makes me do some smaller stuff like getting more firewood, checking out what movies are showing, because W/we are going to a birthday party of a relative, and try to motivate kids to take part by taking them to movies afterwards.

W/we also shop for some new clothes for me, Mistress of course choosing my purchases. Lina has joined U/us and witnesses this.

After W/we get back, Mistress watches TV and orders tea. i prepare it and work again as Her teacup holder. Lina sees now the whole procedure, me kneeling on the carpet facing Mistress, holding the cup on my joined palms, Mistress grabbing the cup as She wants a sip. i may turn my head and watch TV to make it look more natural.

As weekend approaches, Mistress tells me to suggest a chocolate themed menu for Saturday. One of my Xmas presents was a chocolate cookbook, and i have too browse through it now and suggest a chocolate pie or cake. She accepts my suggestion: a caramel chocolate pie, mud pie type. Besides She says She wants baked potatoes and a special sauce with chocolate. i shop for the necessary groceries, like always.

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