Monday, 3 June 2013

Supervised cum on the floor

Only next Sunday She puts me in Mode 2 again. She makes me do yard work, removing snow from O/our boat an
d certain plants that may break. Then i must clean thoroughly a toilet that is smelly to Her nose, prepare lunch, follow Her to the gym, warm up sauna, prepare food for the beginning of the week (enchilados and carrot cassarole, double portions each, kids eat SO much these days). Mistress organizes O/our cabinets again, i run errands and fold laundry.

As W/we go upstairs She orders me to masturbate. First She goes to the bed under the blanket and makes me open the toy box, and takes my idea list from it and orders me to kneel and undress. i take off my sleeveless shirt, thong and socks. She orders me to take 3 clamps. i ask
She confirms
She commands me to place them on my nipples and one on my perineum. Next She orders me to get the new Chinese Tiger balm which She has bought. It's in the upstairs lobby so i'll have to go there naked and with the clamps on. As i get the balm box open, She orders me to rub it in Her shoulders, back and neck that hurt. After that She makes me rub tiger balm to my balls too. Then She makes me masturbate, still kneeling, with two fingers only. i ask Her to confirm whether i may masturbate until release, and She confirms. First i put one finger on both sides of the penis, but change them so that one is on top and one on the bottom. Now i start approaching climax quite fast and ask Her whether i withdraw my hand from first spasm or not. She considers it a long time and i am about to edge and have to hold back until She answers
i need just a few seconds, and i cum on the floor in a series of spurts. i may now remove the clamps, but i must put on a dog collar for the night. She makes me clean the floor and wait kneeling naked as She reads Her book. As She switches off the light i find my clothes by feeling and put them on. i offer my hand to Her under the blanket and She accepts it and warms up Her cold hand with it. However i'm worried, as She has used my sexual services only once for more than a month. She is probably not happy and so my happiness is on a shallow base also.

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