Sunday, 30 June 2013


Tuesday night there's a surprise. It was a very long day at work and after work i shopped for groceries so i got home very late. W/we got early to bed. W/we normally hug in bed, but this time She even rose on top of me. And let me stroke Her skin, and butt and breasts through Her nightie. However She was silent and thoughtful and i didn't understand what She was thinking about. Then She said She is in need of an orgasm and said that She puts on the new set of undies and stockings i brought Her for Xmas, and W/we will fuck without any foreplay, no licking Her sex etc. i remove my foreskin ring as She doesn't like its feel inside Her and put on a condom. i fondle Her from the back as She sits on the bed, W/we remove Her pretty new knickers together, and W/we fuck. i have drawn my foreskin forward to cover the glans so i don't get too excited and managed to fuck Her to an orgasm (from the back, on O/our sides) without cumming myself.

Next evening She kisses me on the mouth as W/we lie on the bed. She has not kissed me on the mouth for months. i say i'm happy She has started to kiss me and make love to me again. She says She's starting to accept that She is still going to be married to me. Feels good!

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