Saturday, 20 July 2013

A permission to cum!!

On Sunday morning i wake up before the alarm at 6.20. This is the every other day that i epilate only my perineum, around genitals and ass crack, so i have time to update my blog and browse the net. As my cb-2000 starts to feel painfully crowded, i have to shut the pc and get the paper. Soon Mistress wakes up and orders green tea. i prepare that and my own breakfast. After that i clean up and switch on the dishwasher.

She has some work to do on Her laptop, but as Lina is away and Mats sleeps late, She orders me to choose one of Her nail polishes and paint my toenails! It's new to me, i choose a bright red polish, go over the toenails carefully, put pencils between my toes as i have seen done, and let them dry. i succeed without stains, they look great: my feet are quite small and narrow, and they need just nail paint to seem very feminine (and some shaving). i show them to Mistress. She orders me to stay barefooted and dust the wall panels: a job that O/our hired cleaner never does. i take some pictures of my toes to post here as well.

Next i must check the ceilings for cobwebs in the whole house and then wash all doors, especially near handles, as they tend to get dirty. i'm afraid that Mats wakes up and sees my painted toenails. Soon it is lunch time, Mistress chooses enchilados, which is one of O/our favourites. i always make the cheese salsa for it myself, so it is an arduous dish to prepare. Mats wakes up, but i notice and put socks on. i lay the table, and for myself i put a deep saucer, as i will not be eating the fresh enchilados, but the last existing portion of the quite old thai salmon soup.

After the meal i clear up, wash the surfaces and fill Mistress's next order, black tea with milk, and She gets a nice surprise as i remind Her of the last Danish i baked yesterday. She eats it happily. You might get the impression that i never get any sweets, but that's actually not true. For instance this week Mistress brought especially for me white chocolate with blueberries. i have it on a sweets shelf, and help myself quite freely to it. i do selfregulation on how much sweets i eat. Only less than 4 pieces per day, but that's my own target, not Mistress's order. As W/we are normally in non-D/s mode 1 on weekdays, it would not make sense regulate my sweets consumption only during weekends.

She orders me to pick up Lina at the bus station, and then to the gym with Her. i fill up water bottles for U/us without being ordered to. At the gym i become always very aware of the chastity cage, though it doesn't hurt or otherwise hinder any way. Hard cage under tricot, changing in the locker room, hitting the cage lightly each time you pull the weights down...

Mistress has many things of Her own professional life to take care during this weekend, so She gives me a long term assignment: to plan the family a domestic round trip for the summer. That's nice as i may use the computer to do that, and steal some Femdom-time for myself.

Mistress wants to go to sauna today too, so i warm it up again. Before W/we go to sauna W/we eat some more. The others get the delicious enchilados, i may sit by the same table and eat yesterday's smoked salmon and potatoes.

Lina likes to go to sauna alone now that her breasts are growing. She goes there first. In the sauna i'm again afraid that Mats comes and sees my toenails. Next Mistress gets in, Mats is watching a movie. W/we agree that if Mats sees them, i may say Mistress made me do it, as a joke. Then comes the surprise. Mistress commands me matter-of-factly to kneel and start masturbating. This comes out of the blue, but such is the life of a a slave. As your Mistress commands it is the time, ready or not. i was not at all prepared, with no sexual thoughts, but i started quickly to masturbate kneeling on the tiled floor. Soon i got to the edge, and asked permission to cum. She said 'go on', and i did. As the spurts started, i stopped the motions and just held my penis lightly, i am so accustomed to ruined orgasms i couldn't keep moving through the orgasm. The cum landed on the floor tiles. i have been sideways to Her, and now i glance to Her and notice She has not been even watching. She is lying with a moist cloth over Her face to prevent the skin from drying. However, She has heard me. i made some noise as i went over the edge, and She knows i am ready.

'Now clean up quick before Mats arrives'

i get anxious. What if my son walks in now and finds pools of semen on the floor. Well he must enter through bathroom, so i have some time, and i drop my head to the floor and quickly gobble most of the slime up and swallow it. Then i get some tissue and wipe it clean.

'you didn't leave it slippery, did you'

'No, it's the precum that leaves the floor slippery, cum's not that slippery'.

And W/we continue to bath, me released and without tensions, also with diminished subspace.  

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