Monday, 15 July 2013

Toiling for a prize

On Sunday i woke up early so that i could after epilating take care of my blog. i had got feedback on the blog, and

it was positive which made me glad, and i spent time translating a lot to publish next days. Then i got the paper and had to do quite a lot of work clearing the paths from snow again, as it had snowed enormously more.

Keeping my foreskin locked was irritating my tender bits. i was not required to keep the foreskin ring locked, as the existence of the ring itself made pulling out very painful, and i had even considered it after getting pierced. On Saturday i locked the foreskin ring, and had no major issues nor concerns. But Sunday morning, every slight semi erection, during my morning net browsing, caused a hell of a pain. i got upstairs as i heard Mistress woke up, and with Her permission removed the 2. lock.

She was relaxed today and let me read the paper with Her. She was going to Oslo to visit some art galleries, and decided to leave me home with a list of chores. First and biggest was to clear the insides of all the cupboards. She was going to check the results and maybe give me a prize or punishment again.

i started the job, She left and the girls woke up. i laid breakfast table for them and acted again as a good father figure by emptying and washing up cupboards and arranging stuff in them in good order, as they were having breakfast at the kitchen table.

Next on the list was clearing the yard (well!) of the snow, filling up firewood containers, making chili con carne for the kids, paying the bills and taking care of the accounts. Then i went through some personal email neglected for too long, PTA stuff etc. Next i text messaged Mistress and asked if i can skip the gym. i was glad She replied 'Ok'. Last on my list was heating up sauna, and i had used my day just as Mistress had planned as She bot back home and started ordering me around with little tasks, bringing Her stuff, while remembering to curtsy if kids were not around etc. She did check the cupboards and didn't find any issues there.

i was wondering if a prize was in order as She retired early, and i trailed Her upstairs. As W/we were ready for bed, Mistress tossed me a big bottle of skin moisturizer and said 'This may be a reward or a punishment, but now you will grease Me up, and do a good job about it.' She made sure all dry parts were moist, and deliberate amounts of cream were used, i was since a long time allowed to touch and massage Her breasts and buttocks, along with all other parts of Her body. Except for pussy, as it is self-lubricated as She put it. Well it was a reward, of course. i'm happy W/we get back to normal step by step.

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