Saturday, 10 August 2013

A new short story: backing

This is the newest short story written by me
Themes: cuckolding, humiliation, orgasm control

-'Do you want to wear your highest heels today', Mistress asked me in the morning,

glancing at the shiny 6" lockable strapped-on heels in my closet.

Even though it meant extra pain in my calves, ankles and feet starting half an hour after

putting them on i always answered 'Yes, Mistress' to this, for a good reason, which

you, Dear Reader, will eventually learn. Well, normally She just teases me with this. i

volunteer to wear torture shoes, and i get nothing in return. But sometimes, very rarely,

the difference may be in orgasmic proportions. i never know when...

This was one of the rare occasions.

After serving lunch Mistress informed me Tim was coming over tonight and i should

vacuum and dust the whole department in the afternoon. you might think i was sorry for

choosing high heels for a cleaning day, but i wasn't! If Mistress ends up fucking with

Tim, i might get my rare chance to cum! Actually the spikes inside my chastity cage

dug painfully into my tightening flesh as the absurdness of my situation sank in. i was

cleaning my apartment for my Wife's bf's visit, working in a maid's dress that revealed

everything, kneeling as much as possible to get little relief for my feet.

As i mentioned i got lucky. After serving Mistress and Master Tim dinner i was sent to

vacuum Tim's car and:

-'As you are ready, you will wait at attention on the porch facing the front door until you

are summoned'

(Basic military commands:
ATTENTION: The position of attention is the basic military position. It indicates you are alert and ready for instruction. On the command ATTENTION, stand with your heels together, feet forming an angle of 45 degrees, head and body erect, hips and shoulders level, and chest lifted. Allow your arms to hang naturally— thumbs along skirt or trouser seams and fingers joined and in their natural curl. Keep your legs straight, but not stiff at the knees. Direct your head and eyes to the front. Keep your mouth closed, and pull your chin in slightly. When called to attention, bring the heel of your left foot to the heel of your right foot.)

Waiting was tiring my already strained calf muscles, but i was turned on by what could

be going on between my Wife and manly, muscular and dominant Tim. It was so sexy

to think about them while i was standing awkwardly on the porch a long time risking catching

some bypasser's attention. i had to remain absolutely still and facing the door, because They

could be watching me from any window! Fidgeting in a similar situation changed once a

chance to cum to a session of ball slapping by my Wife while Tim kept me still by sitting

on my chest. i felt so weak and powerless standing on my aching feet thinking about


Suddenly the door opened and i immediately dropped my eyes demurely as i am not

allowed to meet the gaze of my Superiors. i am not entitled to look Master any higher

than His "Manhood" like i must call the Organ that takes care of pleasuring my Wife's

sweet Pussy. i also curtseyed to Him - whenever seeing Him i must. Neighbours think i

am a real maid, a really well-behaved maid. He was wearing a bathrobe.

'Get your lazy ass inside and kneel!'

i needed no further reference to my ass. i wiggled it exaggeratedly as i pranced past my

loved and feared Master. Inside Master fixed me a full leather helmet complete with a

laced-on posture collar, nostril holes and an open mouth, covering eyes completely. He

fixed a leash to my collar and lead me further inside using unnecessary force. i followed as

quickly as i possibly could, bending over and trying to avoid choking by the leash.

Pulling ceased. my Wife speaks out.

-'Was the sissy behaving himself?'

-'Yes, so far. i watched him for a while and I didn't notice anything, fidgeting or even

moving his eyes. it may be you are right. Maybe he is worth a try.' Then the tone of His

voice changed.

-'Kneel! Hands to neck, front, you ape slut!' Master's orders are stern and He raises His voice

right away if i am not quick enough for Him. And His raised voice reminds me of pain,

it's always just a push button away, seering pain in my clit.

He locks my wrists directly to the front of my posture collar. i am not allowed to close

my fists, so i tilt my wrists, hands are horizontal below my chin. my hands are useless.

A buzzing sound begins. Hitachi. Somewhere in this room.

'Get up. Find the vibrator. A cock is attached to it. you must get the cock directly in your

mouth if you want to get better acquainted with Mr Hitachi'

With only the promising sound guiding me i started fumbling towards it, so cautiously that

i earned a big zap to my clit before moving more purposefully towards the sound. i bent

my knees and pushed my opened mouth forward as i was getting nearer the source of the voice,

carefully trying to guide my mouth to the dildo without sight, as i heard my Wife's voice again.

i felt my sissy clit twitch inside the tiny made-to-measure cage, and a tiny

squirt of precum into the condom i was wearing on top of the cage to prevent precum

dripping on floors. i wash and reuse the condom of course, for months. The reason for

the squirt (which i feel very well as the cage is compressing my bits and urethra as well) was that i

acutely became aware that my utter degradation was being witnessed by my Darling Wife.

'Give me the remote', She said with a degree of edginess in Her voice.

Soon i grunted as a serious of medium to high level shocks thrashed my genitals while

She spoke with shades of disgust and bile.

'We don't have the whole evening for the entertainment of Our slave. It is OK that you

are not a man, but this kind of idling is not tolerable even for a sissy shemale. Now go for

it, fail or not.'

This encouragement made me speed up and dart my mouth towards the buzzing until

surprisingly my lip hit something and soon i was fellating Magnolia, a Cock attachment

to Hitachi. i started bobbing my head furiously on it, taking it all the way in to the back

of my mouth with each shove. i was shoving my enthusiasm, trying to make up for the

seemingly lazy performance finding my "boyfriend".  i am not allowed to spread my legs

before being told to, so i had to bend my knees a lot because the Hitachi was fixed at the

level of my hips. An awkward position for an awkward sissy, hands to my neck, still in

full maid's costume.

'Keep your mouth open until I tell you to close it. On your back'. As fast as a bolt of

lightning i obeyed my Master's command, lying on my back about the same time He

closed His mouth - i think. But i kept my mouth open. Maybe She had a creampie baked

for me?

But She didn't give me Her pussy to be licked. It is becoming an increasingly rare

privilege for this cuckold. Last time She even asked me whether i wanted Her creampie

or a chance to ejaculate myself, and i chose Master's cum instead of my own.

But then the familiar tasting goo poured in my mouth in abundance! They must have

saved it for me in a condom as the used condom was then tossed on my nose and cheek. i

kept it there and also the stuff in my mouth because Master's semen is so valuable i need

a permission to swallow if i get a mouthful. After i had heard the all too familiar click of

the camera it was my Wife who told me:

'you may swallow your Master's cum and lick the condom clean. It will be used by you

daily from now on. you may use your hands to help.'

i could have licked that rubber for ages, but at some point i was interrupted.

'Take the condom from your mouth and keep it in your hand. If you drop it, fun is over.'

i pinched the condom between my thumb and forefinger as closing my hand was out of

the question. i was proud i remembered that i had not been ordered to close my mouth so

i opened it wide again.


Another minisquirt was emitted as i tensed my stomach muscles to raise myself. How

They know how to push all my buttons? This military style drilling combined to all these

sexy humiliations was a bliss for a submissive sissy like me.

Now a dildo gag was rammed into my open mouth until i felt it filling the back of my

mouth cavity and it was snapped on to my helmet.

'Can you think of anything more degrading?', Master asked rhetorically. i must have been

quite a sight in my dress, holding the used condom in my tied hand under my chin...

After a moist, dreamy moment commands continued.

'Remove the dildo attachment and place it  on the floor'

i still had my left hand to use. The vibrator went on buzzing. The sound alone made me


A Pavlov's dog. i stood up and curtseyed. Hands touched my bodice, tugging my neckline

down, easily baring my pert little breasts. i was proud as they very much reminded real

teen girl tits.

'Massage your boobs against Hitachi!'

Proceeding blindly i managed to get my left breast and Hitachi business end in contact.

The vibration was stronger now without the attachment. i leaned against it. It was

firmly fixed to a rack, i had of course seen the arrangement many times. i managed to

decide when to change to my right tit. i'm not good at making decisions. i have so little

experience about that.

Mistress keeps saying my tits are an important erotogenous area now, and i should learn

to cum by having them played with while my ass is fucked and my clit remains locked up

and only gets the compression in the cage, nothing else. But i'm not there yet. She says i

will get to cum more often if i learn this.

It is nice to get my tits rubbed. Hitachi is really my "boyfriend" as it is used much to tease

and edge me. The proximity of its friendly buzz was slowly having me drift away on

a soft cloud. my knees were again bent and my butt sticking out as i leaned against the

erect wand. i noticed that someone was slowly lifting the hem of my maid's dress from

behind and something been done at the back of my waist, and after that i felt my butt

was completely nude. In my position my genitals were behind my joined legs. They were

completely showing from behind. Next someone started slapping my balls with some

implement, maybe a small riding crop, resulting in a feeling of nausea and muffled grunts

from my gagged mouth, but nothing else, i just changed the buzzer to my left tit.

'Turn around!'

The vibrator was turned off and i felt nostril holes of my helmet blocked. i panicked

momentarily but noticed i could breath through the mouth gag.

'Before you may indulge in your dreams and  satisfy your disgusting urges with your

Boyfriend, you will be fitted with a rebreather. So concentrate in long inhales and exhales

if you don't want to pass out and miss the fun.'

i felt the air become foul, and quickly i started inhaling long and hard.

'Now you may begin to try and  get your clit fucked by Hitachi. From behind, of

course. No cumming unless I tell you to! Flap your hands if you are close to having

an "accident"'

Buzzing started anew and i eagerly started backing towards the source of sound. Soon i

gasped as the bulbous vibrator head pressed directly into the opening of my boy pussy!

A bull's eye!  It felt heavenly and i pushed my ass firmly against it having it thoroughly

massage the valley around my pussy. But to get off i needed to get the vibrator in contact

with my chastity cage.

i arched my back in order to trap my genitals behind my thighs again, and then crossed

my legs. i had learned that this was the only way to press my genitals against the

vibrating wand. In this position the tip of my clit cage was pointing straight backwards.

Now you, dear Reader, learn why i chose to wear ultra high heeled shoes in the morning!

Even though i tried to straighten my legs and lift my butt, the vibrator ball pushed against

my perineum. i stretched some more, stood on my toes, arched my back as far as i could,

but all i could manage was a contact with my balls. i couldn't reach high enough with my

clit cage tilted back. Had they again lifted the position of the wand!?

This was evolving into an arms race between my heels and the vibrator rack. i was forced

to learn to walk on higher and higher heels to be able to reach orgasm, only to learn that

the bar is again raised.

Chastity and very, very few ruined cums mean i am very frustrated and need very little

stimulation to explode. i have learned to cum inside a clit cage, without an erection. i

have learned to cum with a sharp anti-pullout spike pointing into my clit, to cum while i

am totally limp. i have learned to cum limp in 10 seconds when Hitachi is pressed against

my Jailbird cage. Therefore i normally have to wear a full metal belt Neosteel shemale

chastity belt now.

They let me try for a few minutes. i forgot to breath heavily, and only noticed it when

oxygen level had sunk very low. i relaxed concentrating in inhaling and exhaling deeply

and noisily, having my pussy vibrated. i tried my clit again, but the results were the same.

Then Mistress made an interesting proposal.

'Would you like me to try to tie your clit cage up along your crack? That bring your clit

closer to heaven. And i could help you in an other way also. you can have a vibrator up

your ass too. Having your pussy all full and stretched will surely help to get your rocks

off. If you would like me to fill you up and tie your chastity cage backwards in your ass

crack, you will - as soon as I have finished - perform your best royal curtsey, then kneel

and push your forehead to the floor, and spread your legs, and We'll get you all fixed up'

Hearing this caused another precum minisquirt into my condom that was carrying more

and more load, as if i had already cum. i hurried to comply, stepped forward with my

right foot, kept my left foot back and lowered myself to a deep curtsey which must have

looked funny my hands held under my chin. Then i fell on my knees and dropped my

head to the floor after getting the rebreather to slide flat on the floor and finally slid my

stockinged knees apart on the floor as far as they went, and did the same with my feet.

When i spread my legs, i have to spread them to he hilt, unless told otherwise. my ass

was naked from the stocking tops up to the bottom of the strict corset. i was waiting

to be plugged and waited for even more unnatural genital bondage, and i had wished

so willingly. i needed to get off and i believed tying my clit cage back as far as it goes

would help me to stand on my tiptoes and reach the vibrator. And it was pretty cool to get

attention of my Superiors in a sexy position like this. Totally vulnerable and passive.

The squirty dreaming in the 'fuck me' position turned into a struggle as soon as someone

started pushing the vibrator in me. Mistress had mentioned "filling me up", but i didn't

know i had to take the largest (non-inflatable) vibrating plug i had ever managed to get in

my pussy. There was nothing sexy about it. It was a struggle for survival, which ended as

Mistress shouted:

'sissy's squirming so that i can't shove it in. Please come and hold her in place' Sometimes

i am he and sometimes she, now i was definitely a she.

Master knelt with one knee on either side of me and soon i felt Him sit on my upper back,

pinning my shoulders to the floor. Next He wrapped His strong arms below my belly,

pinning my waist upward to His body, holding me tight. Now i felt a more obtrusive push

at my pussy as the anal intruder was again entering me, now with more determination and

leverage, and i screamed in my gag as the pain got searing and impossible to bear as She

rammed the bulky plug further and further, stretching my sphincter to its all time wide,

before the bulky part finally went past the sphincter and filled me up inside, leaving the

sphincter stretched but bearable. He still held me as She continued to tie up my clit cage

as if nothing had happened. i was limp so She just yanked my metal prison back so that

i felt the tip near my pussy, balls were divided, one on each side of the tube. She tied my

cage to the ring at the back of my corset so that plug and cage where kept in place with

the same string.

They left me on the floor for a while to regain my restricted breath. my pussy throbbed,

i was sooo penetrated. my clit cage felt funny, so tightly tied to touch my ass. i had

never been tied up like this, but as i understood how my clit had to be bent backwards,

i understood this might become Master's and Mistress's new favourite. i was kind of

happy for them to find even new ways for more extreme humiliations, and only hoped

this "invention" would make them more interested in playing with me and my sexuality in

the future.

'you may place your ass in the yummy place now. Start playing with your tits - with both

hands - but don't lose your new condom!'

Hitachi was switched on again. i got up, curtseyed blindly to where i thought They were,

thus obligatorily thanking them for fixing me, and then i navigated backwards towards

the friend in high places, Mr Hitachi. As i backed my ass against the wand, i noticed that

i only needed to arch my back a bit and stick my butt up and the blissful vibration filled

the cage - and then the vibrator was turned off, leaving me breathing the used air. Mistress

explained why.

'Now you must concentrate b o t h   in your breathing and cum
ming. Get ready to orgasm

n o w , as when I switch both vibrators on the next time, you have 10 seconds only to

cum. you will  n o t  get another chance. you must use your time slot and get over the

edge, and then you can dribble as long as you wish. Take hold of your nipples and start

pulling on them repeatedly. The dildos go on 3-2-1-now!'

i kept pressing my cage to dildo as She spoke. i had contact and i was not going to lose it.

The total humiliation of being made to cum before Their eyes this way, and on command,

was so totally hot, that it was all foreplay i needed. As the countdown was over and the

strong buzzing vibration massaged my mostly limp excuse for a clit, i was more than

ready. i became my ass, stretched around a giant fistlike vibrating plug. A new hotline

connected my brain and my clit. Somewhere behind my back my clit, still pestered

with the sharp anti-pullout spike,  was receiving the treatment it needed, and everything

else disappeared in a blur. All i needed was stick out my butt and receive the humming

massage. And just as my 10 seconds was over and Hitachi was turned off i exploded in

a mind-shattering orgasm like never before, teetering incoherently on my ridiculously

high heels, uttering unintelligible mumbling, pulling on my bare tits, my Wife's bf's used

condom between my fingers, breathing in a bag, trying to still push against a dead dildo.

'Stand still, in attention, only hands keep working those boobs', shouted my Wife.

It helped me to pull myself together. Gingerly i withdraw my cage from the silenced

wand and straightened my back. i had to keep still as the giant plug was still working

my ass. It was providing that little something needed to continue the longawaited and

magnificent orgasm, which went on for ages while i stood motionless. So much going on

inside, nothing on the outside. It was half a minute of brainless levitating, little squirts

through half blocked urethra into the well-worn condom. i would have been speaking in

tongues if my mouth had not been plugged with a penis.

Soon i was kneeling before Master and my Wife. i had been told to remove the helmet

and everything and restore my maid's outfit and makeup - and remove my full condom

and replace it with Master's used condom, roll it over the cock cage. i was licking the

contents of my condom, a lot of nice tasting precum with a smaller amount of cum. Then

i took Their orders for supper and continued my duties with a sore ass - and the highest

heels that were killing me.

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