Sunday, 4 August 2013

A new short story: slaves chance to cum

This is a new very short story involving two male masters and two male slaves:
Themes: orgasm control, supervised humiliating cum, chastity

my slaves,  older sissy "missy" and young "marc" had been good for the whole week, bringing meekly in their paychecks to me, and working as a domestic maid every other evening and as a puppy sex slave every other. Now they were in for a rare treat, as they were constantly wearing a full metal chastity belt all the time. A chance to cum. Something they had experienced only 6 weeks ago.

they were not going to get to do 69 together. No. they were not even going to be allowed to masturbate. I had something else in mind.

they were wearing blindfolds, hands tied to posture collars, asses plugged, in corsets, stockings and high heels as I lead them to the bathroom with my Master partner Tim. They had no idea what was going to happen. Only I knew they were going to masturbate each other while were cocks were positioned upside down, pointing backwards on a bench.


I removed their chastity belts. they were not going to get a chance to feel their freed docks.

i had two benches set out in the middle of the large bathroom so that they were facing opposite directions. First they knelt facing away from their bench, and I grabbed their dicks from behind, pulling them back and on the bench which was pushed to the backs of their thighs. Their heads went naturally to the floor in this position. Now i freed left hand of each slave and took them to the upside down frenum of their slave colleague.

"Stroke. Only horizontally!"

They were not going to get any natural friction along the shaft. If they were in desperate need to cum, they would cum being allowed to only tap and slightly stroke sideways the tender underside of penis head.

"Tease your nipples with your right hand". Small movement started at their chests. They were as compliant as could be, not risking this rare chance.

Their penises totally passive and in twisted positions, with no chance to help themselves to cum - what could be further away from the Male way to Cum? From Our way? I offered my boots now for marc to lick. Tim did the same for missy. They knew to start licking automatically as boot tips were pushed against their face.

Soon they were on the edge. They knew they needed to beg to be left alone at such moments, and cumming was not possible before being told to cum.

"Sir, this slave is close to cumming. Please, Sir, help, Sir", marc said first.

"missy, stop", I said curtly. I wanted them both to be at the brink of an orgasm, after edging them time after time, before I would order them to cum simultaneously. Soon also missy begged similarly, and got a break he so much needed.

We switched on their vibrating butt plugs now, inflating them until they were in agony. It was not going to be a walk on cakes.

As they were edged 5-6 times, I said finally
"slaves, cum NOW"

It took only some 20 seconds as they were twitching with their supervised orgasms building.
"Both hands on nipples, stroking!"

they had to leave their dicks  now on their own devices. their orgasms were practically ruined, as their hands obediently disappeared under their budding breasts and an audible stroking of nipples started. cum didn't spurt, it only dribbled on the hard bench and floor, as slaves ejaculated, slave way. We didn't want lazy post-orgasmic slaves. This way their heat was not cured.

They knew soon they would be licking their partner's cum from there  it dribbled, as trained puppies that they were.

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